Zurich City Guide

zurich in the sun

Zurich is a truly unique city. Surrounded by the Swiss Alps and known for being the epicenter of all thinks financial and banking relates, Zurich is as picturesque as it is thriving. With its wild night life and seemingly endless array of bars and restaurants, this city is ready to take on any type of traveller, from those coming over for business and couples, to hen and stag dos.

One of the great things about Zurich is its cosmopolitan and international feel, with there being plenty of expats found here having moved from around the world. While Zurich isn’t a member of the European Union, it is part of the EEA, which means visitors to Switzerland should bring their European Health Insurance Card with them when they travel. If you are looking to make the most of your stay in this stunning and culturally rich city, our guide is sure to help!

Try the chocolate

Whether you manage to catch a Sprungli store handing out free tasters or you venture in purposefully, be sure to visit one of the several chocolate shops in the city. It’s hard to describe just how great the chocolate is here without you trying it for yourself!

Take a boat tour

One of the best ways to take a tour of the city and see it’s from a new perspective is through one of the boat tours on offer on Lake Zurich. The tours are relatively cheap and can be made online or at the pier at Bahnhofstrasse.

Visit the market

Rosenhof market is tucked away in a hidden square in the Old Town called Neiderdorf and is the perfect place to wander round and check out everything from incense, jewellery, bohemian clothing and hand-made goods. Their food stalls are also out of this world!

Check out the street parade

Every second Saturday in August you can catch the largest open air techno rave in Europe takes place in Zurich. Trucks line the streets of the city with sound systems and drive along the riverfront. The event attracts millions of people each year and the music can be heard everywhere in the city.

Take on the nightlife

The relaxing vibe that Zurich gives off in the day totally transforms in the night time as the bars and clubs come alive. Whether you’re after cheap drinks, fab live music or want to dance the night away with your friends- Zurich will have you covered. Start at the riverfront and then head to the Old Town or Neiderdorf for even more fun!

Try skiing

Zurich is in close proximity to Flumserberg, a large ski-resort and has proven to be very popular with locals and tourists alike. You can get day ski passes or reduced cost passes if you go at certain times of the day or only on certain lifts.

Go for a hike

The two mountains either side of the city make for fabulous places to hike and take in the surrounding views. Zurichberg can be found in the east of towns and Uetliberg in the west- Zurichberg offers a cosy feel with its hotels whereas Uetliberg has a more natural feel with great biking trails.