Your EHIC or your house!


Kent ski fan, Pam Crawford, loves to hit the slopes in France every year. She and her husband have been skiing for 35 years, and Pam considers herself an experienced skier. With the favourable exchange rate, 2013 was looking to be a great year for Pam’s annual ski break, and she couldn’t wait to get out there.

Holiday horror prevented with an EHIC

Unfortunately for Pam, disaster struck just days into her holiday when she had a fall half way down a black route on a mountain slope. Pam came off her skis and managed three full rolls, before smashing into a slope and breaking the bones in her pelvis. There was no way that it was safe for Pam to be taken down a hill on a stretcher, so she was rescued by an air ambulance, and taken to a French hospital, where she stayed for several days, and received complex treatment for her injuries.

Luckily for Pam, the cost of all her treatment at the French state hospital was free of charge, thanks to her EHIC card. Her final bill would have been around £15,000 without it, something which terrifies Pam – “We could have had to sell the house to pay that”, she says.

Save your holiday with an EHIC

If you don’t want to be hit with a giant bill for your hospital treatment in Europe, you really must apply for a European Health Insurance Card. It entitles UK citizens to free or reduced fee emergency health care at any state run facilities in the country you’re visiting. While it won’t cover things like airlifting, or transport back to the UK (we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance, especially if you’re going on a high risk holiday like Pam’s), whatever medical treatment you receive will not be charged to you.

Looking to the future with a holiday health card

More than a year after her holiday, Pam’s still not quite back on her feet, but she’s forever grateful to her EHIC card. If you want the peace of mind that Pam got, UK EHIC Applications will be happy to help you apply for your own EU medical card. Just use our easy online application form at apply for your EHIC today. Our friendly staff will have your application checked and ready to go before you can even get your suitcases down from the wardrobe.

Photo: skiing... by nonanet licensed under Creative commons 2