Who doesn’t love a road trip?


If you’ve got a valid UK driving licence (and of course, a valid EHIC), you can hit the roads and take yourself off into Europe for a road trip adventure to rival any you might encounter on Route 66. Even better – you can take your own car, plan your own itinerary, and set your own pace. Sound good? Let’s have a look at some places you might choose to eat up the miles.


If you love your coastal views, take this beach-side trip along Normandy’s easily accessible Deauville. Hop on the ferry to Calais and get ready to be wowed by Normandy’s favourite beach. Once upon a time, you’d have joined the Route Nationale 40, which is a French equivalent of a motorway, but this road has been downgraded to the equivalent of an A road, and is called the D940. Follow the D940 until you reach Le Touquet, where you’ll join the A16, then the E44 eastwards. After this, locate the A28 for the historic town of Rouen, where you can soak up some culture, before hitting the A13, A132 and finally the D677 which will take you to Deauville. The entire route should take around seven hours, but you’ll see the very best of the French coast.


Lake Como is a popular and well-known destination for holiday makers. Bordered by dramatic mountains, its location in northern Italy makes it pretty easy to get to for the English driver. Take your time after leaving the ferry at Le Havre, and nip along the autoroutes which join Paris to Geneva and Milan. The next stop, Bellagio, means you’re almost there. If you like your driving with a bit of an adrenaline buzz, you’ll love the SS583, which twists and turns its way to your destination.

Of course, when driving abroad, remember to read up on things like mandatory equipment you might need (for example, a reflective triangle is mandatory in some countries, and the French insist on a breathalyser) before you set off, and carry your driving licence with you at all times, just in case local law enforcement officers stop you. If you have breakdown cover, check the small print to see if you’re covered abroad – not all policies include this.

We wish you and your EHIC card happy motoring across Europe!

Photo: Italian alps by Rasmus Zwickson licensed under Creative commons 2