Where to go in Eastern Europe


Before the effects of Brexit have a chance to kick in, take a chance to visit somewhere you wouldn’t normally in Europe. Forget France, abandon the Algarve, and take a trip to Poland, the Czech Republic or even Bulgaria. With your EHIC you can go where you want!

Krakow, Poland

While it’s not the capital of the country, Krakow can certainly be considered a capital of culture. It’s one of Poland’s oldest cities, and is littered with beautiful architecture and an emotional history. Explore the market square or old churches and historic homes.

Prague, Czech Republic

Whether you’re looking for culture or community, Prague is a great place to visit. There are a series of great pubs and restaurants, and beautiful cobbled streets and fantastic museums. Prague is by far a traveller’s favourite!

Riga, Latvia

If you’re a fan of art nouveau architecture, Riga is the place for you. Going into the old town is like stepping into a fairy tale. The House of Blackheads is an iconic structure, like an iced cake in Riga’s heart. Riga is the largest city of the Baltic states and is definitely worth a visit.

Nida, Lithuania

Nida is a prime tourist location on Lithuania’s side of the Curonian Spit. There’s a combination of bright wooden cottages and white sand beaches in this old fishing town, making it a great place to go if you’re looking for a cute, quaint town, rather than a big city.

Sofia, Bulgaria

The capital of Bulgaria is interesting for its combination of ornate European architecture and stoic Soviet past. The best thing about Sophia is its proximity to Mount Vitosha – you can spend time both in the city and take a break to ski!

Eastern Europe is the place to go for an amazing cultural holiday. You get all the allure of Italy with an unfamiliar twist that will make it even more interesting. There’s something for everyone to do whether you’re a student traveller or going with the family. Just remember to take your European Health Insurance Card with you – you’ll still get free healthcare, for now!

Photo: Riga Schwarzhäupterhaus by TausP. licensed under Creative commons 2