Where Are The Best Zoos In Europe?

black and white panda

You can bet your bottom dollar that almost every major tourist city in the world is home to a zoo. Some zoos also take their responsibilities of looking after animals extremely seriously and work wonders in promoting animal conservation, wildlife protection, captive breeding and dealing with endangered species. A main feature of zoos is to educate the public about animals to ensure that we understand the importance animals play in the world as a whole. And, let’s face it; we all love to see our favourite animals in the flesh rather than on a TV screen! With Germany housing over 400 zoos alone, it can be hard to know which zoos are worth the visit when you find yourself exhausted of excursion ideas whilst visiting a European city. Take a look at some of our top European zoo picks that are bound to entertain you and your family on your next holiday!

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Rome Zoo

This Italian zoo was built in 1908 and in contrast to many of its European rivals, has ongoing scientific programs. It covers an impressive 12 hectares and was built in the northern district of Villa Borghese under the watchful eye of Carl Hagenbeck, a respected animal trainer who built the zoo in Hamburg.

Zoo and Aquapark of Madrid

Tourists come thick and fast to the zoo of the Spanish capital, Madrid. Its ‘classic’ feel is coupled with its advantageous location of being near the Aquapark. It offers visitors the opportunity to admire land animals as well as those that roam the seas and oceans. Its new features were introduced in 1972 and it now covers a massive 20 acres. You can expect to see a corner for animal offspring, an aquarium, a dolphinarium and an area dedicated to birds.

Prague Zoo

The Czech capital is one of the best rated zoos in the world. This is due to it not only being a living sanctuary but also a place where animals are free to frolic in semi-freedom. Prague zoo has also saved a number of valuable species from extinction. Today Prague zoo covers an area of 45 hectares and houses about 630 animal species.

Vienna Zoo

If you’re ever in Vienna, take a trip to Tiergarden Schonbrunn, or Schonbrunn Zoo located next to the famously beautiful Schonbrunn Palace. Founded in 1752, Vienna zoo is actually the oldest zoo in the world. It is also one of the few zoos that keep pandas, which offers you and your family an exciting opportunity to see these elusive creatures in the flesh. Its beautiful design and impressive layout makes it one of the best zoos you can visit in Europe.