When In Rhodes…

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Greece is fit to bursting with stunning coastlines, dramatic mountainscapes and picture-perfect white brick villages galore; making it the perfect backdrop to our much needed break away from the chilly English weather (hello vitamin D deficiency!) and has long since been a hot-spot for some memorable and much loved movie blockbusters. Rhodes, the largest and most popular of the Dodecanese islands, is no stranger to receiving tens of thousands of tourists to its beaches every year. Its amazing beach resorts are always busy as the lovely island boasts 300 years of sunshine and minimal rainfall. If you’re looking to escape to a stunning Greek island paradise, why not make Rhodes your next choice? Be sure you and your travel party always carry a valid European Health Insurance Card when in Rhodes. It will ensure you are covered for free or discounted healthcare should anything happen for the duration of your stay.

Old Town Rhodes

The medieval or Old Town of Rhodes is one of the oldest inhabited towns in Europe, offering you a distinctly unique way to travel back in time. With roughly 200 streets baring no names, it’s one of the most unique ways to get lost- there is something wonderful to behold around every corner. From a stunning castle to endless market stalls selling handmade local goods, Old Town Rhodes is a must visit. The floating souvenir shop covered in sea shells in the harbour is an fascinating place to check out too.


Lindos is the most popular choice for beach lovers as it boasts spectacular beaches and bays, perfect for water sports and lazing your days away on a sun-lounger. Head to Pallas Beach and watch the sea glisten all day long! Lidos also has an impressive archaeological site and combines a modern town setting with a dramatic natural landscape that is sure to take your breath away.

Valley Of Butterflies

The Valley of the Butterflies is a massive draw for many tourists interested in exploring all the wonder that Rhodes has to offer and this valley is one of the most attractive destinations on the island. In august, thousands of butterflies fill the valley, making the whole site quite a spectacle behold!

Filerimos And The Ancient City Of Ialysos

Ialysos is one of three ancient cities in Rhodes and has remains of occupation dating back to 3rd millennium BC and from very early times the hill was used as a strong point and also a place of worship. The 1996 plateau is an ideal place to soak up the 360 degree views of the island- a must for lovers of heights!

Trip To Simi Island

A trip to Rhodes wouldn’t be complete without a day trip by ferry to Simi Island, with its stunning and colourful coastline and calm atmosphere. Simi port is truly a sight to behold and is a self-confessed Instagram lover’s dream, with its elegant mansions and houses constructed amphitheatrically on the island’s sloping hills. The beaches on the island are small but very clean and the seafood is among some of the best and freshest of the Greek islands- a true taste of paradise.