What to pack in your holiday first aid kit


Holidays are supposed to be a time for fun and relaxation, but when packing for a trip abroad, it’s always best to be prepared. When you’re in a foreign country, there’s always a risk of unexpected illness, allergic reactions or even accidents. If you’re travelling to Europe you should make sure that you always have your European Health Insurance Card with you in-case you fall ill or injure yourself. There’s always a first aid kit in your home, so your suitcase shouldn’t be any different. Other than the usual painkillers and plasters, here are some top packing tips for your holiday first aid kit.

Antiseptic wipes

Any cuts need to kept clean as the dusty roads and beaches can leave them open to infection. Antiseptic wipes will kill any bacteria and keep the wound sterilised under your dressing.


Not just for your eyebrows, a pair of tweezers should be kept handy to remove splinters or any debris trapped inside a wound when cleaning.

Rehydration fluid

Different cuisines and unclean water make the chances of picking up a stomach bug highly likely. Other than ruining your time spent by the pool, sickness and diarrhoea dehydrate the body, which is a nightmare when the heat is already dehydrating the body. Something as simple as losing too much water can be life threatening, so rehydration salts will help to quickly boost falling hydration levels. They can also help if you’re feeling the effects of dehydration caused by sun stroke or alcohol.

Travel sickness tablets

It’s natural to want to explore the area you’re visiting when you travel and two popular ways of doing this are by boat and by coach. These excursions can be problematic for those who suffer with travel sickness, so tablets to counteract this are a necessity.


Hay fever, minor reactions and rashes may not be overly threatening, but they are a major irritation when you’re trying to enjoy your vacation. A stock of anti-histamine tablets will allow you to calm these reactions at the first sign.

European Health Insurance Card

While it’s not something you wish to think about, not all ailments can be treated from your first aid kit and some will require medical attention. Make sure every member of your travel party has an EHIC card in case of any emergencies. Our experienced team can help you to apply for or renew your EHIC.

Photo: First Aid Kit by dlg_images licensed under Creative commons 2