Top Tips For Travelling Europe On A Budget

The Eiffel Tower in Paris France


When looking to travel Europe it can be a challenge to renew your EHIC, book accommodation and organise flights all to your dream destination at the right price however it is not impossible. Here we are giving you our top tips to travelling Europe on a budget.

Book In Advance

When travelling Europe on a Budget there are a number of ways that you can save yourself money with a few simple changes. One of these is by booking popular tourist attractions in advance. By doing this you may not only save yourself money but also beat the queues and find yourself saving time when visiting each location. This is vital as this could then give you the option to visit another landmark with the time you have saved, allowing you to soak up even more culture during your trip.

Travel Out Of Peak Times

Another way that you can save yourself money when travelling is to travel out of peak times. Travelling during peak time can drastically increase the price of both flights and accommodation which will cost you more in the long term. However, by travelling out of peak times you will save money on flights and accommodation as well as have a peaceful time down by the pool due to the significant decrease in the number of people that will be holidaying there with you. This is especially beneficial with families as this can save you more money on destinations such as Disneyland and other popular tourist destinations when compared to prices during term time.

Avoid Hotels

If you are travelling alone or with a group of friends on an extremely tight budget, avoiding hotels is a simple way to save yourself money and stick to your budget. There are plenty of other accommodation options for you when travelling such as hostels and camping sites where you can save yourself money and meet likeminded people. With amazing campsites all over Europe with companies such as Eurocamp, you can stay near amazing European capital cities without paying the premium price that tends to come with a hotel.

Choose Locations Wisely

By choosing your location wisely you can also save yourself money. By choosing to stay slightly outside of major capital cities rather than in the centre you can avoid spending a significant amount. Although this may involve using public transport to get around, this is a perfect solution for those that are travelling as this can save money long term when in a large group. In addition to this, hotels outside of major cities may be offering deals or different accommodation packages to entice visitors to stay with them rather than their leading competitors. This could be of a benefit to you as this allows you to find yourself a deal with amazing value for money.

With all this in mind, it is easy to travel Europe without the need to splash the cash with amazing offers both online and in travel agents, you are bound to find a deal that is right for you. Safe Travels!