Top Tips for Surviving The Summer Heat

Deck chairs on a sandy beach with blazing sunshine and sea

When it comes to travelling during summer, we truly wouldn’t blame you for jetting off to somewhere warm, sunny and sandy. However, while heading out to enjoy summer’s warmest days, it can be challenging to keep yourself cool enough to stay comfortable when those degrees creep a little too high for we British to cope with. Thankfully, there are some key ways to do exactly that. So grab your EHIC card, book those flights and take a look at our top tips for surviving the summer heat, below.

Drink Water

You’ve probably heard this a million times before, but one of the most crucial elements to surviving in the hot weather is to drink plenty of water. Not only will a cold drink help to cool down your body temperature, but it also helps to combat dehydration. Dehydration, particularly when the weather is hot, can lead to a number of different health issues and generally leave you feeling uncomfortable and lethargic. Headaches and feeling sluggish are common with dehydration, so it is important to ensure that you drink plenty of water, especially when spending long periods of time in the sun or being active.

Wet Your Pulse Points

One key way to cool down when things really get hot is to run pulse under cool water for 30 seconds or place wet cloths over areas that would be difficult to get otherwise. This helps cool down your veins and helped disperse the cooler blood throughout your body and ultimately cool you down. It can have an effect for up to an hour, so is definitely a quick fix worth memorising for when things get a little on the unbearable side.

Wear Loose Clothes

We all know that heat can sometimes come alongside humidity, particularly in the UK, and that this is often the worst part of being too hot. For this reason, wearing loose clothing can be a true godsend. Not only will this prevent your clothes from sticking to you if you get sweaty, but it also gives a breeze the opportunity to reach your skin and cool you down. In tighter clothing, there’s no opportunity for any building sweat to go anywhere but into the material and will take a longer time to dry off and cool down than your skin will.

Have Cold Showers

While cold showers aren’t for everyone, if you can cope with standing under a cooler spray, it may also be an option to consider. In a similar way of wetting your wrists, it can help cool down your blood while providing a sense of relief from the heat in the short-term, too. For some, however, the thought of a cold shower might leave you shivering in fear, in which case you could try dipping just your feet in some cool water instead. This will help to lower your body temperature without having to stand and have an unnervingly cold shower.

Take Care Of Yourself

Hygiene and self-care are extremely important when the weather is warm. Bacteria can flourish in warm environments and so it’s important to keep yourself as clean as possible. Not only will this help reduce and prevent sweat-related smells, but it can help you feel fresher, especially when things have been humid all day. What’s more, it’s also important to consider other members of the public or your friends and family when the heat gets too much. Heat stroke and heat rash can cause serious illness in the older generation and babies in particular, so it’s important to ensure that you’re considering not only yourself but those who need a bit of a helping hand.