Top Tips On How To Spend Summer In The South Of France

Beautiful blue sky in the south of france with historical buildings

For many, the south of France is the ultimate place to relax and enjoy the amazing weather, and it’s easy to see why. With a number of beautiful beaches and a gorgeous coastline waiting just a plane ride away, it’s not difficult to see why the South of France remains at the top of everyone’s travel list this year. Of course, while any major holiday destination will be crowded during the summer holidays, the mass of people can easily be avoided when you know how. So, before you grab your EHIC card and begin filling your suitcase with your favourite summer dresses or casual polo tops, take a look at our quick guide on how to spend your summer in the South of France.


If you are looking for a city that is the perfect combination of beaches and restaurants, then look no further than the city of Nice. With amazing beaches to sunbathe on and plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy the very best of French cuisine, this is definitely a must-visit destination when visiting the south of France this summer. Where possible, we suggest avoiding the major tourist attractions here, as you can easily be caught up in the guided tours happening around this magnificent city. However, with plenty of locations to visit that are away from the beaten track such as Musee Matisse and Musee Massena offering you the very best of the history that this area has to offer, there is something for everyone.


Another must-visit destination if you are looking to travel to the south of France this summer is Avignon. This amazing city not only has amazing weather and picturesque views, but a number of arts festivals are hosted here also. With Festivals such as Avignon Jazz Focus and Festival D’avignon offering a unique experience for all those that are looking to visit ensuring that you will have a wonderful time no matter when you visit.


Normandy is another of the top must-visit places when travelling to the south of France as, not only it is home to amazing weather and exceptional restaurants, but also some dark history from World War II making this location highly educational. Furthermore, With the D-Day landings happening within this area, there are plenty of museums for you to visit that gives fascinating information about this period of time, making it the ideal destination for children who are learning about this within their history lessons.

Tourist season here is from May to October and so if you’re looking for a peaceful holiday, it may be best to visit outside of these times. While Normandy doesn’t lack tourists outside of these peak times, you’re more likely to be able to avoid the queues. With many different activities such as Caen Church and Memorial Centre offering you history mixed with amazing architecture, there is something for you to learn around every corner when visiting this historic city.


Avoid Tourist Areas

When visiting the south of France during the summer months, you can encounter a large number of tourists that flock here to enjoy some well-needed rest and relaxation. However, if you opt for a lesser known location, you are more likely to encounter empty beaches and live as a local throughout the duration of your stay. This is often better than visiting some of the more popular areas such as Nice, as you can enjoy your time away without crowded restaurants and lines for tourist attractions.

Use Public Transport

Public transport within the south of France is the ideal way to get around and see the sights as a local, with regular services running all over the towns and cities you are never far away from a bus that can take you to the nearest bar or club.