Top tips for travelling with less

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Savvy travellers have known the benefits of packing light for years. By placing the majority of your belongings in your carry-on, you not only downsize the load you tow along during your trip, but you also eliminate the dreaded scramble at the baggage carousel, allowing you to hit the ground running at your destination.

With many airlines now rolling out discounted fares and offers for customers who choose to travel with less, it also makes a great deal of sense to explore the money to be saved by not checking a bag.

Keep it basic

Always check with your airline for specifics, but it is unlikely you will have room in your carry-on allocation for everything you would love to bring. When every inch of space matters, some of those items you are considering bringing with you “just in case” will have to go.

Remember that any liquids you bring on-board must be carried in containers measuring 100ml or less. If you are travelling for several days, this allowance is unlikely to last you, so it may be worth considering purchasing essentials such as shampoo, deodorant and sunscreen at the other end.

When it comes to wardrobe, pack neutral layers which you can easily mix and match depending on the weather at your destination. For longer trips, investigate opportunities to launder your clothes at your destination.

Make the most of extras

Heavy overcoats and bulky footwear take up the most space in any suitcase. Avoid sacrificing precious space by wearing these items to the airport. Not only will this ensure that you remain warm on the plane, but pockets offer additional room for small items.

Many airlines also allow passengers to take a small personal item such as a handbag or laptop case in addition to their main piece of hand luggage. Use this bag to keep important documents such as your passport, visa and European Health Insurance Card close to hand, and save more space in your suitcase.

If you don’t have an EHIC, or you need to renew it, be sure to see our homepage for advice.

Photo: Packing list by henribergius licensed under Creative commons 2