Top tips for entertaining the kids on long journeys


The summer holidays are fast approaching and, if you’re planning a trip abroad, maybe by car to France, Spain or Germany, how can you keep the kids entertained and stop the constant ‘are we nearly there yet’ questions? While you’re packing your passport, travel insurance and European medical card, check out these top tips for what else to take with you.


If you have a lover of books, make sure you pack some new ones, which are great if you’re waiting around to board a ferry or the Eurotunnel. You don’t have to spend a fortune and you can pick up some good bargains at charity shops or online.


Investing in an in-car DVD player or downloading their favourite films or television programmes on to tablets will provide you with a couple of hours of peace. If you don’t all want to listen to the same thing, remember to pack headphones too.

Electronic games

Tablets and handheld games consoles are fantastic for long journeys and downloading a new app will give them something different to explore and keep them entertained for a bit longer.

Travel games

Old style car games never go out of fashion and you can adapt them to suit the age of your children. You can keep changing the games to stop them getting bored, such as I Spy, car bingo or alphabet games.

Add a few surprises

However well prepared you are, on particularly long journeys there will be times when children get restless, so pack a few surprises to bring out on these occasions. Try wrapping up a small toy, a new colouring or sticker book or even some chocolate and the kids will love it.

Snack time

When kids get bored they can also start asking for food, so make sure you’ve got lots of choices to hand. Have a combination of healthy snacks and a few special treats – you are on holiday, after all!

Packing for the car journey is just as important as ensuring you have all the important bits for the holiday itself, such as your EHIC card, and being prepared will make it far less stressful.

Photo: Kids in car by ToriaURU licensed under Creative commons 2