Top 5 Historic Destinations in Europe

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With countless historical locations within Europe, you are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to heading abroad. With several exciting elements for you to explore in every corner from the wonders of ancient Rome to the renaissance period within the heart of France, enjoying yourself that little bit closer to home has never been so simple – and affordable. Here, we’re taking a closer those at the top 5 historic locations in Europe that are sure to make you want to grab your EHIC card and book a flight.

Paris, France

Within the city of France, there are plenty of historical buildings showing how the city has evolved over time, with plenty of renaissance art and buildings dating back to this period there is plenty for you to see. With amazing pieces of art hidden in the Louvre dating back hundreds of years and the centrepiece of the city – the Eiffel Tower – towering above the boutiques on the ground, the sights here are very much different to those across Europe. Not only do you get the decadence of the French aristocracy, but you also get to experience the wonder of amazing architecture first-hand, making a trip to Paris even more memorable.

Krakow, Poland

This destination is steeped in a dark and tainted history from world war two with the atrocities that happened at Auschwitz during World War II. However, Krakow truly is a sight to behold for those seeking meaning. With tours of Auschwitz and the surrounding area operating year-round, and exclusive packages enabling you to explore multiple historic landmarks at a set price, there is something for everyone no matter the length of your stay or your budget.

Rome, Italy

Steeped in ancient history, there is plenty to discover when visiting the ancient city of Rome. With outstanding architecture and amazing views, this city is the very best that history has to offer all in one place. In addition to the unmissable history, this magnificent city has to offer, there is a range of restaurants and bars to choose from around every corner, allowing you to enjoy the very best of Italian cuisine whilst admiring the ancient ruins in the comfort of your chair. With multiple sites such as the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain showcasing the very best of ancient Rome and its architecture, there is plenty for you to do in this historic city.

Athens, Greece

Similarly to ancient Rome, the city of Athens within Greece is full to the brim with ancient history and the ruins of the once great Greek empire. Once home to the very beginnings of theatre and democracy this ancient city has plenty of ruins to offer more knowledge on the very basic principles of what we know to be normal in present-day society. This historic landmark has plenty to offer those that visit and amazing weather acting as the perfect backdrop for all your holiday photos.

Great Fire Of London Monument

Within the city of London, there are a number of different historical landmarks for you to visit, but one of the most obscure and arguably the most hidden is the Great Fire Of London monument. This monument was built to commemorate this devastating event that occurred in 1666, that destroyed over 13,000 homes after starting in Pudding-lane and spreading through the centre of the city. It is said that if you were to lay the monument on its side in the spot that it was erected, it is the exact distance that the fire travelled from pudding lane. With all these amazing historical events in Europe, it is no surprise that so many people flock here for their summer holidays. What historic destination will you visit?