Top 5 European Family Friendly Locations

The warmer weather is well and truly on its way, but while we’re still suffering from one too many frosty spells, we’d be forgiven for dreaming of the perfect holiday destination. For those of us with families, finding somewhere warm, relaxing but entertaining enough for the kids can feel limiting, but there is actually an abundance of different places you and your family can jet off to for your annual holiday.

So, whether you’re just starting to order those passports, or you’re looking to renew your EHIC card ahead of your trip, we’ve compiled a guide to five of the top European loans for family holidays.

  1. Greece

Sun, sea and sand galore – there’s no better place for a traditional beach holiday with a culture-filled twist than the one and only Greece. Not only will you be treated to amazing weather with outstanding views to boot, but you will also be met with amazing food and culture to soak up during the process. Whether you decide to explore Crete or bask in glorious history in Athens, there are plenty of ways that you can spend time in the sun that doesn’t involve sunbathing.

  1. Croatia

Another iconic location to visit is Croatia. Not only is this stunning location one of the best in terms of picturesque gems, but it also has plenty of history and incredible beaches on offer. This allows you to relax in the sun, knowing there is plenty to do for your little ones. What’s more, it is relatively close, meaning that the flights themselves will be short and sweet, ensuring that nervous fliers or restless children won’t have to sit still for too long. These flights often come with lower prices too, so you can book a full holiday at a surprisingly affordable cost.

  1. Switzerland

If you are planning on going on a skiing holiday with the family, then Switzerland is the location for you. Not only will you be met with some of the best ski runs out there, but there are also a number of other smaller ones for beginners or children. What’s more, most ski resorts come with plenty of shops, restaurants, events and other family-friendly activities. If you fancy seeing the view from the top of the mountains then the Pilatus cable cars are truly unique experience, while Chillon Castle is also another incredible spot that will let you see some of the most historic locations in Switzerland.

  1. France

Whether you are planning on visiting the beaches in the south of France or you are looking to visit the city of Paris and its historic landmarks, there are plenty of places within France to give you a family holiday to remember. If you are travelling with a large group and can’t quite stretch the budget to afford flights to France, then there is always the option of using the Eurostar. This journey takes a maximum of 2 hours 16 minutes for a train from London to Paris but often comes cheaper than flights.

  1. Amsterdam

While Amsterdam might not immediately lend itself to family-friendly thoughts, this stunning location is home to more than just it’s nightlife. In fact, it has an amazing shopping district as well as stunning architecture for you to enjoy during the course of your visit. Whether you decide to visit the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House or you stop by Cablepark for a splash about on the water, there are a number of incredible, unforgettable activities for you and the kids.

No matter what location you are visiting with your family as the warmer weather approaches, there is certainly plenty to choose from. Where will you go?