Top 5 European Capital Cities

Londons Westminster Bridge with big Ben!

With multiple locations that stand out within the heart of Europe, it can be difficult to pick which one you want to go to. Each of the capital cities offers something that makes them completely unique to one another offering a different atmosphere. So before you grab you EHIC card and hope on the next flight to Europe have a look at our best picks for the top 5 European capital cities to visit this summer!


This Iconic city in Norway has plenty for you to do no matter what your reason for visiting, with historic locations such as the Viking ship museum and plenty to do for the children there is something for everyone. In addition to the amazing views and plenty of activities, the weather is very warm and welcoming within the summer months. However, this can change dramatically during the winter months with harsh weather conditions converting this amazing city into a winter wonderland.

If you are interested in experiencing some of the amazing cuisines that you can also find in Oslo there is plenty of restaurants offering amazing food and bars and clubs offering amazing nightlife for those that are old enough and want to enjoy the party atmosphere that Oslo has to offer.


One of the most famous and most culturally diverse of the capital cities on this list, the city of London has something for everyone no matter the time that you visit. Whether you want to travel to winter wonderland around Christmas time or you want to celebrate the Queen’s birthday in June, there is something for history lovers and those that love entertainment. To top it all off, the nightlife of this iconic city is something that cannot be forgotten, with clubs such as Ballie Ballerson in London offering a unique experience to all those that want to visit.

If the nightlife is not something that you are after but rather a fun day out with the kids there are many attractions that you can take them on and see. This could be a trip on a tour bus to see the sights or a trip on the London eye the possibilities are endless!


This historical city is one of those that has to be seen to be believed. This amazing city is the perfect blend of the old and the new that has to be seen to be believed. With new modern buildings built on top of old ancient ruins and the Acropolis looking over the rest of the city, it is easy to see why so many people visit here every year.

In addition to the amazing ruins, there are plenty of restaurants that have the very best that Greek cuisine offers at a very affordable price. This is significant because it allows you to wine and dine within the ancient Greek ruins and experience it as if you were a local.


When visiting Amsterdam there is plenty for you to do, whether you are looking to stroll along the historic canal or you are looking to visit the Van Gogh museum, there is something for all the family. In addition to this, the colourful landscape and the glorious sunshine make for some amazing pictures that are sure to make your friends and family very jealous.