Top 5 Best Beaches In The Heart Of Europe

Crystal clear blue water in malta Blue Lagoon

Before you grab your passport and your EHIC card and begin exploring Europe, you may want to plan your holiday and the places you are going to visit first. Whether you are going to go site seeing in Paris or spend the day lying on a beach on the Spanish coast, it is Important to plan ahead. Here, we are going to look at the top 5 beaches in Europe in order to ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime

Blue Lagoon, Malta

When travelling around Europe, there are multiple different beaches you can choose to visit. However, one that you must visit and will certainly take your breath away is the Blue Lagoon in Malta. This secluded beach harbours crystal clear waters and is mostly only accessible by the water. With a warm water temperature and amazingly white beaches, relaxing here isn’t difficult.

Mondello Beach, Sicily

With amazing sand and crystal clear waters as well as multiple bars and restaurants to choose from, there is something for everyone when visiting Mondello beach. Just a short walk to the town centre and a large number of activities both on and off the beach, you can keep yourself entertained no matter who you decide to travel with.

Additionally, it is important to note that the beaches could become busier during the summer months. This is important to remember if you are going to head away mid-week.

Elafonisi Pink Sand Beach, Crete

This Unique beach is not only home to amazingly clear water, but it is home to some unusual bright white sand. The reason why it is called the ‘Pink Sand Beach’ is due to the multiple broken shells on the sand that give it is an iconic pink colour. With shallow and deeper parts of water waiting to be explored, this beach is perfect for children and adults alike. What’s more, due to how clear the water is, you can see your feet no matter where you are, helping ensure that you avoid stepping on sea creatures such as sea urchins and octopus. In addition to this, there are also multiple rock formations that stick out into the water that makes the perfect platform for those adventurous enough to climb and jump into the clear depth below, making it the perfect location for adventures and sun seekers alike!

Calella De Palafrugell, Costa Brava

With plenty of hotels overlooking the white sand and crystal clear water, everything you need is in one place at Calella De Palafrugell. Although this particular beach is shorter than some of the other beaches that feature on this list, you can still spend hours upon hours of fun in the sun no matter who you are travelling with. This seaside town is also home to multiple restaurants and exclusive bars, each offering amazing nightlife next to the coast. Due to the village being smaller, there is a welcoming communal atmosphere for all those who visit.

Durdle Door, England

Located in Norfolk, Durdle Door is home to a rock arch and an amazing sandy beach. This location is very secluded and is the ideal location to bring the children for a swim in the sea and an ice cream during the summer months. With the rock formation acting as the perfect shelter for most of the beach, the waves here are rather calm making it ideal for those that are looking to enjoy the sun without large surges of water disrupting your fun. However, this beach can easily become crowded during the summer months and so it may be beneficial to head there during the evening to experience this dream location when it is much quieter.

With multiple beaches all over Europe for you to choose from, there is a beach to suit everyone’s needs. Enjoy!