The warmest winter European destinations


Going away for the summer can prove to be expensive when you factor in the cost of flights and accommodation during school summer holidays. If you are after a fantastic deal on your travels and want to look ahead at topping up your tan for the festive season, there is no better time like the present to start planning your warm winter getaway. You don’t need to go far to find sunshine as the following European destinations are proving…


For those looking to not only seek some sun but also indulge in a little bit of culture too, Malta is ideal during the winter months. Temperatures here rarely drop to below 15 degrees Celsius and this makes wandering through the countries pretty streets pleasant and comfortable. There will most likely be fewer tourists to contend with for a place in a bar of restaurant here during this time also.


While becoming quite pricey in the summer months, Sicily has proven to be quite the winter sun hot spot for UK citizens looking to chill out and have a break from the abysmal rain and snow showers in the winter back home. During the winter months, Sicily has fewer crowds and offers blue skies as well as the chance to explore its most noticeable landmarks in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Canaries

The warmest place you will ever likely to visit in Europe is the Canary Islands, situated in the Atlantic ocean just off the coast of West Africa. Even in the winter you will find that these islands have nearly 200 hours of sunshine and temperatures that make sunbathing during the winter an actual possibility! There is also plenty to here, from soaking up the stunning countryside views to participating n water sports and exploring the more historic side of the island.


The largest and most highly populated island in Greece is Crete, which is perfectly situated in the Mediterranean Sea and provides the best opportunity to stay warm and give your dresses another wear while everyone else back in the UK is piling on the layers! The southern coast offers the best chance of you being able to swim and soak up some sunshine, whereas the mountainous regions are ideal for those who favour a slightly lower temperature.


Further along in the southeast in Europe you will find the lovely island of Cyprus which is ideal for Brits looking to get away from the winter chills at home. Temperatures here can reach up to 20 degree Celsius in the winter which not only makes the air warm but the seas pleasant enough too! Here you will find that there are approximately 180 hours of sunshine in the winter which is significant when you consider that that is how many hours of sunshine London gets during May!

Whether you are travelling in the winter or any other time of the year, it is vital that you apply for or renew our European Health Insurance Card before you do so. It will allow you to enjoy your holiday with the peace of mind of knowing that you will be able to be covered in terms of receiving healthcare should you need it on the duration of your stay.