The Very Best Of Riga

riga city

If you are looking for a travel experience that is a little more out of the ordinary then we would highly recommend visiting Riga. The Latvian capital has a fascinating character that makes it one of the most fascinating capital cities in Europe. While in the past it has been strongly linked with the Soviet Union and has retained some of the history of this period scattered throughout the city, Riga has certainly come into its own in the last decade and now celebrates its own wondrous style and charm. Latvia is becoming ever more accessible from the UK with budget airlines making travel here beyond affordable. The size of the city also means that it is exceptionally easy to explore by foot and its affordable hotels, restaurants and attractions leave little excuses for those looking to get away on a budget! The colourful and eclectic metropolis of Riga is just a short flight away, so why not pay a visit?

The Three Brothers

The set of three houses, affectionately referred to as The Three Brothers are beautifully built houses that form the oldest housing complex in Riga. One house is from the 15th century, one from the 16th century and the other from the 17th century. Imagine the stories that could be told about life within its walls!?

House of the Blackheads

The House of the Blackheads in Riga is essentially as significant as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris and is well worth the visit, even if just for the historical significance of the place. The house was built in 1334 and was used as a venue to host banquets and meeting for middle class merchants in the Middle Ages.

St Peter’s Church

While Riga has a great number of fascinating churches to explore, St Peter’s is one of the most intriguing as it offers an unbeatable view from the very top of the structure. You can either take a lift or brave the stairs and climb to the top where you will be able to take in the breath-taking city views!

Nativity Of Christ Cathedral

The unique and visually striking Nativity of Christ cathedral is something to behold and is easily recognised by its typically Russian style appearance. The interior is just as spectacular as the exterior, just be sure to dress respectively and avoid wearing shorts and cover your head if you are a woman.

The Art Nouveau District

If you walk approximately 20 minutes from Riga’s Old Town you will most likely stumble upon Riga’s Art Nouveau district where you will be able to see some of the most fascinating buildings featuring distinct Art nouveau architecture. This part of town has approximately 800 art nouveau buildings to check out, with the vast majority of them being found on Albert Street.

Central Market

From finding the perfect snacks for your park picnic to partaking in a spot of people watching, Central Market is ideal for any wandering tourist looking to see one of the largest European markets. Here you will find everything from cakes, clothes, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products and much more.

The Swedish Gate/ Old City Walls

The Swedish Gate is one of the few remnants of Riga’s old city walls and was built in 1698 when Sweden took over the city. This original structure is impressive to look at and hold a great deal of cultural significance for the city.

Alongside your trusty camera, it is also worthwhile to remember to pack your European Health Insurance Card as Latvia is part of the EEA and this means you will be able to access affordable healthcare should you require to while exploring the fascinating city!