The top places in Europe to escape to in autumn

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Autumn is finally here. It’s a time of beautiful colours of foliage and colder temperatures, but it’s also the perfect time to explore cities in Europe. Why? It’s off-peak, so prices are cheaper, top tourist sites are less crowded and the weather is still pleasant. To give you some inspiration, here are the top places to escape to this Autumn for a European city break. Before you leave, don’t forget to renew your European health insurance card in case of any health emergencies abroad!

1. Switzerland

Switzerland is often considered one of the more expensive European destinations but, if you’d rather avoid sky-high prices and a surge of tourists, then autumn may just be the perfect time for you to visit. The air is fresh and crips and while there may be the possibility of some light showers, this doesn’t take away from the astounding views you’ll have of the Alps. It’s also a more peaceful and quiet time of the year in the mountains, meaning great hiking opportunities and not as much competition for accommodation.

2. Croatia

If you aren’t ready to give up sunshine completely, then a trip to Croatia needs to be on your radar. Thanks to Games of Thrones, Croatia has become a must-see destination for many fans, especially in the summer months. So if you want to see your favourite film spots without the surge of crowds, then autumn is the perfect time for you.

3. Sweden

Autumn makes Stockholm even more beautiful and a perfect spot for an autumn city break. The autumn sun paints the old town of Gamla Stan in a beautiful golden colour and you can relax and unwind as you walk along the waterfront while the avenues turn various shades of gold, orange and brown. Stockholm is the perfect place to spend the afternoon strolling through the streets, admiring the quaint shop displays and stopping for a delicious bite to eat. You’ll almost feel like you’ve got the city all to yourself since the amount of tourists is notably reduced.

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Photo: autumn falls... by paul bica licensed under Creative commons 2