The time is now for renewing your documents


If you’ve ever come to the week before your holiday and dug out your passport only to find it’s about to expire then you know how stressful it can be trying to get a replacement at short notice and in peak season.

Renew your passport now

A little known secret is that it’s much easier to renew your passport now than it is in the summer months – we’re talking a six week turnaround in July and August as opposed to a six day turnaround if you renew it in the early spring months of February or March.

Considering how stressful it can be to find yourself short of a passport for you or one of your family members, it’s well worth getting organised and making sure that any renewals are done now, when you won’t find yourself paying through the nose for an express service that isn’t even that fast…

Take out travel insurance

If you’ve booked your holiday, you should already have travel insurance; whether it’s a single trip or multi-trip policy you’re intending to purchase, you won’t be covered for cancellation until you’ve taken out a policy, regardless of how out of your control the circumstances are.

It’s almost always cheaper to get multi-trip insurance if you’re travelling outside of the UK more than once in a year; if you aren’t sure you will, it could be wasting money though, so choose a policy carefully.

Renew your EHIC

If you’re travelling within the European Economic Area then a European Health Insurance Card could pay real dividends. You’ll pay the same for any medical treatment you find yourself needing as locals do; generally not very much and very often a lot less than the excess on your travel insurance.

It’s a good idea to your EHIC application out of the way now too; the sooner all of your ducks are in a row, the sooner you can get on with the important stuff – planning your must-see sights and shopping for some new holiday gladrags!

Photo: UK passports by Karen V Bryan licensed under Creative commons 2