The Finnish Lakelands


Finland has captured the imagination of so many travellers and while so many of us tend to focus our attentions on Lapland, the Finnish Lakelands are crying out for a little attention. The Lakelands make up the biggest lake region in the whole of Europe and are perfectly decorated with thousands of clear, blue lakes and thriving, tree covered islands. Nowhere best captures the natural beauty and cultural identity of Finland quite like this part of the country. From its unbelievable natural beauty that offers some escape and serenity to its abundant forests and lush greenery, if you are looking for a place to get away from the hum-drum of everyday life, there is no better place to do it than here. Find out more about what makes this picturesque and historical part of Europe so worth exploring…

Ski resorts

The Finish Lakelands offer some excellent opportunities when it comes to skiing. The Tahko resort has a wider range of ski slopes, half pipes and opportunities to practice your snowboarding skills. If you’re a beginner there is no better place to learn than the ski school here. Alternatively the Vuokatti ski resort is ideal if you’re after outdoor winter activities such as husky safaris and snowmobiling. You can even come along in the summer as there are activities such as fishing, horse riding and cycling on offer.

Olavinlinna Castle

The striking Olavinlinna Castle located in Savonlinna was built in around 1475 and was used to protect the land from attacks by the Russians. Today anyone can visit the castle from a suspension bridge.

Frozen ice roads

One of the coolest things about the lakelands is tha their lakes completely freeze over in the winter and are often thick enough to carry the weight of cars! Rest assured that the roads are always being checked by the authorities so it is perfectly safe to go out and explore the areas that would normally be water by car. Some of the most famous roads to check out are between the Koli National Park and Vuonisjoki.


Kuopio is one of the most recommended towns to visit when in the Finish Lakelands as it has lots of great museums, shops and restaurants to explore. Here you can also ascend the 75 metre high Puijo Tower which offers indescribable views of the Lakeland region. The tower also has a fabulous restaurant which rotates 360 degrees an hour.

Ruunaa river rapids

If you’re in the mood to try something a little bit outside of your comfort zone and have yet to try riding the white water rapids, you are in luck if you’re visiting the Lakelands. The Ruunaa river offers plenty of opportunities to hit the water on organises boat trips. It’s a fab way to get a different perspective on this wondrous part of the world.

When travelling to Finland or any other European destination, it’s important to take your European Health Insurance Card with you and carry it at all times. It will entitle you to free or reduced cost healthcare when visiting another part of Europe.