The busiest airports in Europe and beyond…

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Whenever we travel to Europe, we tend to take for granted the fact that our flying experience is as straightforward and streamlined (for the most part!). If you think about it, an airport is our first port of call and is a place where we can securely check in our luggage, buy food and last minute holiday supplies and gets us excited about the adventure that lies ahead. We believe it is important to recognise the airports in Europe and find out a little bit more about one of the most used forms of transportation when it comes to taking us on our holidays, business trips or moves abroad.

The Airports Council International Europe annually assembles data about all of the airports in the continent in order to get a better insight when it comes to the number of passengers flying to other important insights that are important to us- the passengers. Here are a few of the most interesting bits of data that was discovered last year…

The busiest airports

It has been found that London Heathrow Airport is the busiest airport in Europe, following on from coming in the same position in 2015. It’s hard to imagine that 75.5 million people flew from London Heathrow in 2016 and the fact that the amount of air traffic from the airport grew one percent from the previous year. It may not seem like a lot, but it does show a significant increase in the popularity of travel to and from the capital.

After London, Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris was the next busiest (65.9 million passengers), followed by Amsterdam (63.6 million) and Frankfurt (60.8 million). Keeping an eye on these trends offers a fascinating insight into how we travel.

Fastest growing airports

Some of the most up and coming airports can be found in Romania; Ordea International Airport, Iasi International Airport and the Aurel Vlaicu International Airport. This is a strong indicator that either more of us are choosing to travel to Romania or that Romanian people are travelling more than ever for some reason. Either way, it is intriguing and begs the question: will this growth in popularity here lead to flights to Romania becoming more affordable? And will the trend continue?

Greatest passenger growth

When it comes to the biggest increase of passengers, the results are fascinating. The ACI shows a 40 percent increase in passengers in Iceland, 24 percent increase in Romania and 23 percent increase in Ukraine. This highlights the changing trends when it comes to favourite places to travel to. The reasons behind why Iceland is so popular are something that has yet to be clarified, but it may have something to do with the increase of cheap flights and improved marketing when it comes to offering things to do in the country. It will be interesting to compare what the statistics will show in 2017 in comparison to this data!

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