The best places to go travelling in Germany


Germany offers a vast array of eclectic and exciting holiday destinations that can either be combined or enjoyed on separate trips. Combining the urban cool of Berlin, Cologne or Hamburg with the historic beauty of Munich and Bavaria makes for a journey that covers all bases and leaves everybody happy. The excellent train links between all German cities, best tackled with a single Interrail ticket, make for a convenient and picturesque journey between them. A European Health Insurance Card will ensure that you’re covered for any eventuality.


Fly to Berlin to take in the unique history and culture of the city, visiting the relics of the Weimar, Nazi and Cold War eras. These will leave you taken aback by the city’s embodiment of the 20th century’s plights and upheavals. We personally recommend the Jewish Museum for further intake of culture, not to mention the areas of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg for a taste of how alternative Berlin continues to thrive. Expect a open, casual atmosphere with plenty of readily-available bottled pilsner, best drunk outside while taking in the scene and coupled with a portion of currywurst or a delicious, authentic Turkish kebab.


Witness the birthplace of the German Revolution and the subsequent rise of fascism in the beautiful surroundings of Munich, being sure to visit the ornate parks and beer gardens. Though expensive, this latter phenomenon is central to Munich’s history and is an absolute must.


For pure Alpine scenery straight from a postcard, with stunning lakes and quaint cottages, Berchtesgarten is a vivid and hugely interesting example of Bavarian life, as quintessentially German as is possible. Best suited to a walking-themed portion of your trip, a short coach ride will also take you to neighbouring Austria and its beautiful city of Salzburg, noteworthy as being the birthplace of Mozart and The Sound of Music.


Finish in Cologne for a apt mixture of both the old and the new. Climb the cathedral tower and visit the nightclubs which offer a less full-on equivalent to those in Berlin. Cologne has stunning, winding streets to explore and delicious food and drink on offer and makes for a perfect finish to any German tour.

Handy Tip: ensure your passport is valid, and you have packed your EHIC.

Photo: Cologne Cathedral and the Hohenzollern Bridge by jiuguangw licensed under Creative commons 2