The best of Vilnius, Lithuania

vilnius lithuania

If you are on the lookout for a European holiday destination that you can enjoy with all the family at any time of the year, then look no further than Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. In the summer, you can relax in one of the many bars and restaurants and wander around the cheery Old Town courtyards. Alternatively, in the winter, you will find that the landscape is snow covered and magical and makes the whole experience of discovering the old churches that much more special. In Vilnius, you will find everything from inspirational architecture and basketball games to the countries rich Jewish history and impressive food. For a trip to Europe that’s both unique and affordable, visit Vilnius (before it becomes a mainstream city break destination)!

Gediminas Castle and Museum

The Gediminas Castle and Museum is found towering above the junction of the Neris and Vilnia rivers in Vilnius, being one of the last buildings around from the Neolithic era. This structure was built in the 15th century and offers visitors the chance to get superior 360 degree views of the surrounding area- it really is a sight to behold.

Vilnius Cathedral

Vilnius Cathedral is an important national symbol of the area as it was originally used as the place of worship of the Lithuanian thunder god, Perkunas. Visit the beautifully built chapel and crypts for an interesting look in to Lithuania’s past.

The Museum of Genocide Victims

What used to the headquarters of the KGB is now what houses a museum that is dedicated solely to the many Lithuanian people that were brutally murdered, deported and imprisoned by the Soviet Union between the Second World War and the 1960s. The museum features thousands of memorial plaques honouring al those who lost their lives and insure you can read the personal accounts of Lithuanian deportees.

Senamiescio Krautuve

If you’re feeling peckish in between all the sightseeing, then head down to Senamiescio Krautuve for the best cured meats, preserves, cheeses and fruits and vegetables in the whole of the city. These delicious treats are all neatly arranged within the confines of the snug little hobbit-hole here in Vilnius. Food fans will never go hungry when visiting any part of Lithuania, let alone Vilnius!

Palace of the Grand Dukes

On a site that has been occupied since the 4th century you can now see a restoration of a grand baroque palace built for the Grand Dukes in the 17th century. While it is still quite new and glaringly white in comparison to other buildings, it does contain some interesting historical remains that really highlight Lithuania’s independent status.

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