The best beaches in Europe you HAVE to visit

best beaches europe

While it’s true that we are blessed with some spectacular beaches here in the UK, there is most certainly a type of novelty that comes with being in a different part of the world where it may tend to rain that little bit less and you don’t have to put up a wind-breaker as there is no wind! Booking a European beach holiday is the perfect way to beat the blues, but where is the best place to go? Here are some of the best European beaches in Europe that some of you may have never heard of but offer incredible views and opportunities to relax and feel the sun on your skin…


While most people would not tend to associate Latvia with sunbathing and the seaside, that is not to say that spectacular beaches do not exist here- in fact, there is all the more reason that you should go and begin spreading the word! In the west coast of the country, you will find Liepaja which is where Latvian’s go when they are in need of a little R & R. Getting here is also easy from Latvia’s capital city of Riga- simply take the bus or hire a car and you will find yourself watching the sunset after a long day of wandering the streets in no time!

Plage de Saleccia

Top secret beaches do not come quite as exclusive as this particular beach on the pretty island of Corsica. The Plage de Saleccia can be tricky to get to as it is tucked away by the Desert de Agriates which requires walking across a vast expanse of nothingness. However, if you do decide to make the journey you will be rewarded by a mile of dreamy, sandy beaches and the sparkle of the Mediterranean Sea. Lovely.


European beach destinations are full of surprises and this beach in Iceland is no exception to the rule. Here you will find not white but black/ blue sand which screams ‘Instagram me!’ It is caused by the volcanic activity on the island and makes for an entirely new and refreshing beach experience. The water is probably too cold for you to go for a dip, but that does not mean that you cannot admire the landscape and study the wildlife!

Cala de sa Forcanera

Cala de Forcanera is one of Spain’s best kept secrets, with it being a mere hour away from Barcelona but offering an entirely different type of beach to explore. If you are looking to escape the city, then grab your kayak and make your way to this deserted haven!


Anamur beach in Iskele, Turkey is tricky (but not impossible) to reach as there is actually no main road that leads you there, which is why it is typically only visited by locals as opposed to tourists. If you are looking for family-run hotels and delicious Turkish food to coincide with your beach activities, then Anamur is the perfect holiday solution for you.

Regardless of which beach you are most drawn to, be sure to always take your European Health Insurance Card with you!