Staying healthy on a European stag weekend

man drinking beer

A stag weekend in Europe is likely to be an unforgettable and hugely fun trip. Remember though, that your short city break can be easily ruined if you don’t remember to keep yourself healthy with these top tips.

Stay out of the sun

A holiday can be easily ruined if you get sun burnt. The easiest way to avoid sunburn is of course to wear sun lotion, to avoid lying in the sun at the hottest times of the day and to wear light, long-sleeved clothing, a hat and sunglasses. On a stag do you may be doing a daytime activity such as sailing and forget about the sun. Apply eight hour sun cream in the morning and wear a hat, that way if you do forget about it you are already covered.


Alcohol can affect your holiday in two main ways: firstly by making you ill, possibly with alcohol poisoning and secondly by causing you to have an accident such as a trip or fall. No-one is ever going to suggest you must have a sober stag do, but do try to miss out on a couple of rounds by having a glass of water, avoid drinking too early or in the sun and remember that you may need to stay fairly sober in order to look after friends. Should the worst happen and you do have a fall, provided you are in an EU country then emergency medical care will be available using your registered EHIC card.

Freak accidents

Stag dos often include daytime activities which can range from paint-balling to abseiling, quad biking or sailing. Stag activities are often physical and often have some adrenaline element. Most of these go without incident, but sadly accidents do happen. When traveling abroad it’s important to check that the company you do these activities through are reputable and have a good safety record. The laws and regulations in the country you visit may be different to that which you are used to at home; don’t take any risks by going cheap with unregulated activity providers.

Provided you follow these health and safety tips you are likely to have a better stag do. Check (and encourage all of your party to check) you are eligible for a European Health Card and register well in time.

Photo: _DSC0339 2 by Mills Baker licensed under Creative commons 2