Secret Small Towns Of Europe

lake bled misty

Travelling to Europe can be an eye opening experience and it’s fascinating to see what you can find on your very doorstep! Few of us take the time to appreciate the wonders that lie a short plane or train journey away and we hope to show you exactly what it is that makes Europe such a great place to visit from looking at some of the sweetest secret small towns. Before you pack your bags for one of the following destinations, be sure to renew or apply for your European Health Insurance Card.

Marsaxlokk in Malta

Marsaxlokk in Malta can often be heard being referred to as Malta’s fishing town and quite rightly so, as it can be found on the South Eastern part of Malta where their fishing trade has flourished for generations. Marsaxlokk is a popular tourist spot for those who are lucky enough to know that it exists and offers it visitors some of the finest seafood restaurants on the island.

Bled in Slovenia

Bled in Slovenia is situated on the mighty Lake Bled, an emerald green lake that offers visitors everything from beautiful views to historic castles and super-romantic views. Those who love water sports and outdoor living will find it easy to fit in here!

Reine in Norway

This gorgeous little fishing village in Norway has a wonderfully quaint 300 people to its population and is nestled perfectly in the Lofoten Archipelago in a stunning string of Artic circle islands.

Albarracin in Spain

Albarracin is a small town located 30 minutes from Teruel and is a mere two hours away from Valencia making it a lovely day trip option for you and your travel party. This sleepy tourist town lives in an unspoilt plot of land that has not been tarnished by the effects of modernisation. Be ready to be taken back in time!

Pucisca in Croatia

Pucisca is small settlement in the middle of the northern part of island Brac and is rich in local stone production. This little hideaway is full of little bays to explore and makes for an excellent European adventure.

Eze in France

Eze is located between Nice and Monaco and is a short ride from both cities, so if you are staying locally be sure to pay this place a quick visit. Going to Eze is like being transported back in time and while is full of old buildings, it also have more than enough museums and cafes to keep anyone occupied.

Manarola in Italy

This little gem in the Cinque Terre region of Italy is covered in more grapevines than any of this area’s other villages. Manarola is famous for producing sweet wines and is filled with medieval relics ready for your exploration.

Ittoqqortoormitt in Greenland

This small town can only be reached on a once per week flight from Iceland and then requires a helicopter ride once you’ve arrived on Greenland’s land. It’s small and beautiful and you are surrounded by nature- need we say more?