Scariest places in Europe

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Paranormal activity has always poised curiosity in people, regardless if you believe in it or not, at one point in your life, you may have thought about or felt a presence of a supernatural entity. As humans, we tend to enjoy getting in our spooky spirit and attempt to frighten ourselves. It’s been scientifically proven that providing ourselves with fear can oddly be healthy for bodies and even burn calories, but its satisfy something in our mind set  because we feel certain things that don’t really surface as often and experiencing the paranormal gives us adrenaline and excitement and what better place to produces these feelings other than Europe? A continent tainted by a torturous past, can provide enough fear it may make your hair turn white.  Europe is well-known for its haunted houses due to the fact that the continent had its fair share of bloody battle-filled and Gothic style castles.

That’s why the best destination to scare you silly is visiting these rural areas located in Europe, remember though, to protect yourself from these ghost and ghouls you’ll need an EHIC card so you can be covered if you were to be involved in an accident with any of these supernatural ghouls. With that said, let’s have a look at the most haunted placed in Europe:

Edinburgh Castle – Scotland

This place is so haunted because its background is widely considered as the most haunted place in the world; that’s right not just Europe, but the entire world! It has a considerably dating history ranging back centuries, with Queen Margaret dying at the castle way back in 1093! Yes 1093! Throughout its history, generations of royalty and military have lived and died in the castle and they were nice enough to stick around and scare us.

Paris Catacombs – France

A very well-known location which has had TV shows and films made about it, situated deep in the stone quarries of Paris, if you were to venture down here you be faced with thousands of Skeletons. This is because grave overcrowding became a problem in the 18th century, so the decision was taken to exhume bodies which had already been buried and transfer them to the Catacombs which stretches for 200 miles creating a truly hair-raising, eerie  and VERY CREEPY experience and this is why you’ll need your E111 card!

Ancient Ram Inn – England

This Inn which dates back to a very long 1100s and is considered to be one of the most haunted buildings in Britain. The reason for this is due to its location of the Ancient Ram which is believed to have been a place of pagan ritual- which is just one reason behind supernatural on-goings. Both of the owners and guest have stayed at the Inn have experienced terrifying ghostly figures in their rooms and have made claims of being pushed around in addition of sensing something sinister.  Many experts believe that the building has a haunted nature and it is evidently backed up when you find weapons and skeletons of children found buried within the structure of the house itself.

Chateau Miranda – Belgium

Now this is a creepy one, built-in 1866 and given the nickname of Chateau de Noisy due to its use as a camp for mentally ill children from 1950 onwards already makes it rather creepy. It’s simply not safe to enter this building- they even have a security guard to prevent unofficial engagement.  The windows and doors are smashed in and the insides are rotting, yet outside, the building looks like a beautiful and prime place for a Suspiria reboot.