Romeo, Romeo: a weekend in Verona

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Verona is the home of all things romance. Situated in Northern Italy, it’s a city filled with character and culture. It’s usually most famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ and as you walk around the city on cobbled streets, romance fills the air. Here is your guide to what you should do on a weekend in Verona.

1. Casa di Giulietta

If you are a Romeo & Juliet fan or just want to experience something romantic, then this is a must-do. As you walk through the house of Juliet, the original story comes to life. You are also greeted with a photo opportunity in the form of standing on the famous balcony waiting for your Romeo. There is also a statue of Juliet situated outside and it’s considered good luck if you touch her breast!

2. Museo di Castelvecchio

This museum was built in the 1350s by Cangrande II and it’s an architecturally beautiful building both inside and out. Steeped with a rich history, it is now home to a unique and diverse collection of medieval artefacts and beautiful paintings by Pisanello, Tiepolo, Bellini and Veronese. If beautiful art is an interest, then this is a must see.

3. Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore

This is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Europe with its stunning Romanesque architecture, but it’s also rumoured to be the church in which Romeo and Juliet got married. You can attend a mass at the church, or, if you aren’t religious, its sheer beauty and detail is wonderful to view.

4. Parks and gardens

There are a variety of parks and gardens within Verona and they are all beautiful, tranquil and easily accessible. The most famous is Giardino Giusti. Visiting these parks are a wonderful way to mix with the locals and see true Verona life. Grab a gelato from one of the many ice cream shops, have a seat on a bench or under a tree, and soak up the atmosphere surrounding you. You will often see street performers or there will be live music to enjoy.

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