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Beautifully coloured castle in the heart of Romania

Romania, a destination often overlooked, not receiving the adoration it sorely deserves. Well, we’re hoping to put a stop to that, with our detailed guide to the Southeastern European gem.  Here are ten reasons why this country should be your next holiday destination, so it’s time you renew your European health insurance card, pack your bags and buy your tickets to Romania.


Romania’s capital and largest city, Bucharest serves as the perfect first destination for your holiday. With cheap beer, friendly locals and culture in abundance, you can spend your first few nights adapting to the Balkan country before venturing off on your travels.

What’s more, while you’re there, you can visit the Cărtureşti Carusel, bookshop turned contemporary art gallery, this six-story-tall media collection space is capable of holding 10,000 books and even has its own bistro.

 ‘Tunnel of Love’

Recently included among the European Union’s annual list of hidden treasures, the ‘Tunnel of Love’ is an old abandoned railway segment situated between the cities of Oţelu Roşu and Caransebeş in Romania.

After the railway was taken out of commission, nature began reclaiming the space for its own, with trees and shrubs beginning to stretch skyward, eventually forming a botanical tunnel above the old metal tracks.

Although being included on European Parliament’s Rediscover Europe list, the spot is still relatively unknown and a must visit for anyone looking to up their insta-game, as well as share a romantic moment with their significant other. It is said that if you walk the track and make a wish with your significant other then your relationship will last a lifetime, making this the perfect location for all the young romantics.

Casa Bunicii

Casa Bunicii or as its name translates, ‘Granny’s House’, is a casual, family dining restaurant and is the perfect place to source the very best in local Romanian cuisine.

With an emphasis on home cooking and regional specialities, predominately serving dishes based around pätzle (egg noodles), the spätzle, chicken with foie gras and cheese polenta comes highly recommended.

Located in the western city of Timişora, Granny’s House also has an indoor playpen and a playground for your children to enjoy while waiting for their meal, making this the ultimate location for family dining.

Bucegi Mountains

Mountainous region in Romania with dense forest

The Bucegi Mountains rise 1.5 miles above the Prahova Valley and the natural attraction is a favourite amongst hikers for its unspoiled view.

Famous for having one of the most impressive natural monuments in Romania, the Sphinx. The rock face is unique because it actually resembles that of a real human face, as a result of wind erosion.

Earning its namesake due to its similarity to the Egyptian Sphinx, certain historians believe that Egyptians may have been inspired by the rock formation when they travelled through Romania before eventually settling in Egypt.

Retezat National Park  

In 1932 Romania’s first National Park was opened, and to say that it has flourished, figuratively and literally would be an understatement.

Now spanning over 7,500ft, with more than 60 peaks and over 100 crystal clear deep glaciers, the Retezat National Park plays host to some of the most beautiful views in the entirety of Romania.

With a variety of activities to enjoy whilst taking in the spectacular view, you can rock climb, horse ride or even paddle through one of the many rivers inside, as you explore the National Park.

Pub 13

A gastro pub with a twist, Pub 13 is built into the wall of a citadel and decorated with historic medieval regalia.

Serving the finest cuts of steak along with their signature cheesy polenta dish amongst much more, you’ll be able to eat like a medieval monarch whilst sitting opposite a real suit of medieval armour.

Pub 13 is located in Alba Iuli, a city on the Mureş River in Alba County, just outside of Transylvania.


Birds eye view over the rooftops

A trip to Romania wouldn’t be complete without visiting Transylvania, the country’s most famous attraction, due to its appearance in Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897).

You can actually visit the castle that served as inspiration for the gothic novel and enjoy one of the many vampire tours.

Once you’re tired of vampires, you can head to one of many resort towns in Transylvania and source one of their famed therapeutic waters, making for the ultimate day out whether travelling alone or with your family.

Kayaking In Danube Delta

For the adrenaline junkies amongst you, kayak tours are available in Danube Delta.

Meeting at noon in Tulcea at Port Aval, you’ll begin your journey around the intricate network of waterways and lakes, before finishing your trip at the Mila 23 village three days later.

Available for competent and beginner kayakers, accommodation is provided for you throughout the tour, with local houses and hotels available during its entire duration.

Untold Festival

The Untold Festival is an electric dance music festival, which takes place at the heart of Cluj-Napoca’s Central Park and is now one of the largest in Europe, seeing over 300,000 people attend annually.

Famed for its strong connection with fairy tales and folklore, Untold Festival’s unique setting in rural Romania ensures a spectacular backdrop for world-renowned artists to perform in.


Amazing roads bending around the mountains

How often do you think of packing up and heading out on an epic road trip? Well, Romania plays host to some of the most amazing roads in Europe, most notably the Transfărgărăşan.

Labelled by Jeremy Clarkson as the ‘best road in the world’, Transfărgărăşan is 90km long and reaches an altitude of 2042 metres.

With plenty of sights to see throughout the route, including the Vidrau and Balea glacial Lakes along with the mountain range’s Black Peak, you’ll have the perfect surroundings to enjoy the open road in.

We hope that this guide has given you all the information to influence you to hop online, renew your EHIC card and begin planning your ultimate holiday to Romania whether you are travelling alone or with your significant other.

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