Preparing For Your Summer Holiday

Summer might not be here just yet, but it’s never too early to start preparing for that well-deserved trip. However, we all know that booking a holiday isn’t always as relaxing as the trip itself. In fact, when trying to book holidays in between the busy working week, it can feel downright impossible. To help you de-stress the booking process, we’ve compiled a guide to everything you need to remember for your summer holiday.


Before you can even start to think about jetting off, you need to make sure you have all of the up to date documentation you need. This includes your passport, including photocopies and an emailed photocopy to yourself, your EHIC card if you’re heading to Europe, any other insurance documents, and your driver’s licence if you plan on driving while abroad. You may need other documentation depending on if you need any additional medications, as well as copies of any flights, hotel and trip bookings.


No summer holiday would be complete without, well, a destination. Some destinations are certainly more expensive than others and in some cases, this can make all the difference. The USA, for example, can differ drastically in price all dependant on where you want to go within the country. Similarly, in France alone, Paris is considerably more expensive than places like Nancy, Brittany or frankly anywhere in the South of France.

If you can, travel during term time and away from peak times, as this will ensure that you get to make the most of your break. You can still find warm weather, but will not have to deal with the busy streets. This is particularly true if you’re opting to visit one of the many Disney parks around the world or, quite frankly, any tourist attractions, as you can beat the queues.

Booking Confirmation

When booking, you may also find that travelling during term time can have a profound effect on the prices that you pay for accommodation and car hire. This may not be a large difference between the two, however, it can certainly help you to save some. This is key, as it can then be spent on other aspects of your holiday, whether for a night out or a day trip with family and friends. In addition to this, the money that is saved on accommodation can be spent on an extended stay or maybe even a higher quality hotel.

Luggage Allowance

Before travelling, especially in a large group, it is important to ensure that you are aware of the luggage allowance. Budget airlines often only cover hand luggage, so you might need to pay more to bring a larger suitcase. In these cases, it may be beneficial to compare the overall costs of the flights and luggage across budget, and higher quality airlines to see whether the price difference is enough to warrant flying budget.

Travel Money

It is also important to ensure that your travel money is organised before you travel. Travel money at airports is often exceedingly expensive, so by doing this ahead of your travel, you can often find and secure the best exchange rates. In particular, doing this online will not only help you to save you money in the long term through improved exchange rates, but it will also allow you to save considerably more than you would if you were to venture to the post office the day before.

So whether you are planning on jetting off to the South Of France or having a two-week break in Orlando Florida with your family, there is plenty for you to consider and we hope this guide has helped. Safe Travels.