Plan your safety for stress-free holidays


As each of us only gets a limited number of holidays in a year, Europe is a popular choice for Britons as different cultures and sights are only a short trip away. Whether you take the Eurostar or book a flight, you’ll aim to relax with your family and friends as you try new things.

Planning and relaxing aren’t just about knowing you packed enough clothes and having someone back home to water the plants; you need to ensure your health and safety is taken care of should you have any issues while travelling abroad.

To protect you and your family, you can take a few simple steps as you plan your next trip that will ensure you’re taken care of and safe should any unplanned instances occur:

Buy or renew your EU health card

By applying for or renewing your European Health Insurance Card, you’re protected and entitled to state-funded medical care in most countries, meaning on presentation of your card you’ll receive treatment without the worry of cost. As it’s so quick and simple to apply for an EHIC card, you can get it at any time before you travel, as long as you allow a couple of weeks for delivery. Once obtained, it’s valid for five years.

Make a health appointment

Before you travel abroad it’s advised to book a check-up with your doctor or an appointment with a nurse to assess whether you’re at risk and if you require any vaccinations. As diseases and outbreaks can vary from country to country at any time, it’s best to seek professional advice from those who are up-to-date. While it’s unlikely anything will happen, it’s always good to check in with your local health service and be prepared for worst case scenarios.

Scan your documents

When you’re in Europe, you may need your passport to cross borders or simply as a form of ID for travel on planes and trains. Scan your IDs and even your health card so that you’re covered in the event that you lose them en route. This way you can prove who you are when you may not be fluent enough to explain in the local language.

So, plan well for your holiday safety and also back-up your health card with travel insurance so you can enjoy your time off without any worries in the back of your mind. Exploring Europe is an exciting prospect and an experience to make the most of at any time of year.

Photo: Lano Beach - Savai'i by NeilsPhotography licensed under Creative commons 2