Most common accidents to occur on holiday

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Going away on holiday is always exciting- there is always so much to see, do, taste and experience. However, as with anything else, travelling also comes with risks. People on holiday are more likely to let themselves go and relax which lets their guard down and enables accidents to happen. While no one wants to think about getting ill or having an accident when on holiday, it is important to always be in the know about what to expect in order to stay prepared and informed. Most importantly, it is vital to know what to do should an accident occur. One of the best ways of ensuring you will be able to stay safe while on holiday in Europe is to always carry your European Health Insurance Card with you. It will entitle you to free or significantly discounted healthcare should you require it while visiting Europe.

Road accidents

Road accidents are one of the most common causes of injury for British tourists in Europe, which may have something to do with unfamiliarity of particular laws and confusion when driving on different sides of the roads or driving conditions. Whether you are a car passenger or a pedestrian, it is important to stay smart and alert when crossing the road or driving whilst abroad.

Excursion accidents

Organised excursions are typically very safe so it may come as a surprise to learn that accidents do happen when taking part in an organised excursion. It’s always a good idea to purchase an excursion with a reputable company and enquire about safety procedures beforehand. Be sure to also always wear sensible footwear when talking around during an excursion as it will help to ensure you avoid slips and falls.

Food poisoning

One thing that people dread to suffer from whilst on holiday is food poisoning as it can cause havoc to your trip. Be aware that bacteria are quicker to grow in warmer countries and know that certain foods in particular contain more risk when consumed. Foods such as seafood, chicken and fruits/ vegetables that have been washed in water that we are not used to drinking are particularly risky. If you become seriously ill as a result of food poisoning, know that an EHIC card should cover you for treatment in a hospital.

Trips and slips

Falling, tripping and slipping are very common causes of injury back at home so it seems reasonable that this is also the case abroad too. Be sure to never run and take more care when moving around the pool as water can make the tiles and floor surface more dangerous. Also take extra care in poorly lit areas when you are out and about as you could easily miss a step. The elderly should also seek added support through the use of a walking stick or wheelchair if they are prone to falls.

Sporting accidents

Holidays offer many of us the chance to try a sport or activity we have never tried before, but this can carry risks. When participating in sports such as white water rafting or scuba diving, be sure to always check the reputation of the company you are using to minimise risk. Similarly avoid the chance of suffering from a leg or spinal injury and do not jump into a shallow pool like so many holiday makers tend to do.