Magical Mykonos

mykonos sunset

You may already have some idea about what to expect from a holiday to the beautiful island of Mykonos in Greece it being a popular travel destination among the rich and famous. Mykonos is among the most cosmopolitan islands in the Cyclades (also including the likes of Ios, Santorini, and Tinos etc.) and boasts everything from exceptional nightlife entertainment to picture-perfect beaches and exemplary weather. ‘The Island of Winds’ proves to be just the thing any expectant traveller is looking for in their quest to get away from everyday life at home, with nature, sun and sea being the order of the day, almost every day. From the 1950’s when holidaymakers first started to make their way to the island, Mykonos has remained a highly popular place to let your hair down and relax, and we are about to disclose exactly why that is…

Agios Ioannis beach

The famous Agios Ioannis beach in Mykonos has been praised as being the most beautiful on the island with its soft white sands and crystal clear seas. Many tourists are left in awe at the wonderful views of Delos Island that this south-west side of the island offers. This beach has also been featured in the Hollywood film Shirley Valentine which only added to its international fame and appeal.

Stunning accommodation

Mykonos is among the best of the Greek islands if you are looking for the perfect combination of lively nightlife and beautiful, relaxing beaches. The great thing about Mykonos is the fact that there are a wide range of properties from the glamorous to more traditional and locally owned, making it ideal for every budget. From villas to apartments and hotels, Mykonos has it all.


When it comes to splashing your cash, there is no better place to do so than in Matogianni. This town is home to some of the very best boutique shops, lively bars and stunning art galleries, making it the ideal place to relax and explore the area at your leisure, with plenty of opportunity to revamp your wardrobe and purchase souvenirs.

Water Sports

The water and wind in Mykonos makes this island the ideal place to participate in a fabulous range of water sports. From scuba diving, kite surfing, surfing and pretty much any inflatable boat you can imagine, those who have a passion for water will find that there is a great deal to do here.

Getting there

The island of Mykonos is fantastically connected with the rest of the world, with both boats and planes bringing people to and from the island on a regular basis. Stopping off at Mykonos as part of your travel to other areas of Greece couldn’t be easier, with the island found to be in easy reach of most Greek cities (like Thessaloniki and Athens, for example).

As when travelling to any European country, taking your European Health Insurance Card along for the ride will not only provide you with the peace of mind that you will be able to seek healthcare should you require it for the duration of your stay on the Greek island, but will also ensure that once you renew it, it will be valid for any trips you take for the next five years!