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Town city in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, located in the middle of Belgium, France and Germany is home to a diverse range of people and a combination of different cultures, and it’s that cultural diversity that makes this country one of the most popular destinations for tourists, whether this be for a weekend away or for a slightly longer stay. Here we have an ultimate guide to everything you need to know about Luxemburg before you grab your EHIC card and begin the planning process.

Top Places To Visit

Vianden Castle

Castle in Luxembourg set inside a mountain side

Vianden Castle is a place of sheer brilliance and wonder. Situated on top of a luscious green hill this tourist landmark is the perfect example of the very best architecture that Luxembourg has to offer.

Marvel at the design of this castle that was said to have been built in-between the 11th and the 14th century. Its multi-tonal design and unique roof create an eye-catching, stark contrast between the whitewash walls making this a sight to behold amongst the vast sea of green.


Located in the Grand-Duchy, this magical location is one that is sure to have your imagination running wild. Straight out of the pages of a fairytale, the high trees create the perfect storybook landscape for you to discover. With waterfalls and stunning views, this destination is popular for both casual tourists and rock climbers alike.

If you are brave enough to climb to some of the highest heights, you are sure to be met with views that will take your breath away by offering you the ultimate picturesque location.


Surrounded by luscious green hills, Mordof-Les-Bains has plenty to offer. With water sports to dive into, as well as museums, parks and concert halls you will find something to do come rain or shine. If visiting the museums and concert halls doesn’t sound like your cup of tea why not have a go on the local golf course? Join the locals and experience a few rounds out on the green and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Upper Sure National Park

If the hustle and bustle of the city don’t sound like your idea of fun, you can also venture to Upper Sure National Park. The combination of beautiful views and the winding river makes for a memorable escape as you immerse yourself in peace and serenity. This stretch of water even had a dam installed in 1961 and has since provided electrical power as well as a water supply to the city, helping to keep the city running.

If you want to see some of the wildlife that Luxembourg has to offer then you are in luck. This amazing national park is home to some to some of the best hiking trails and nature reserves in the country. In total these rolling fields are home to three nature reserves that host and nurture a range of wildlife from around the area.

Things To Do In Luxemburg

Sight-Seeing On A Big Red Bus

Much the same as the rest of Europe, you can go sightseeing around the city of Luxembourg on a big red bus. This is truly an exciting way of fitting a large amount of sightseeing into a small amount of time and is perfect for those that are only travelling here over the weekend.

Not only will you be able to cover a larger distance by using an open top bus, but you can truly explore the centre of this historic city without the need of renting a car or walking on foot saving you money and allowing you to make the most of your time.

With iconic landmarks in the centre of the city, including the central train station as well as a number of different stops along the way, you will have panoramic views of this incredible destination. What’s more, a personal tour guide will help you to fully understand the history surrounding each landmark.

Tour Wine Region

Luscious green vineyards in the heart of Luxembourg's wine region

Luxembourg is home to some of the finest vineyards in Europe, producing a number of Vinos that date back as far as Roman times. Using techniques passed down from generation to generation with a wide range of grape variety, you can be sure that you will find a wine that will tickle your taste buds.

Whether you are visiting the northern or southern parts of the wine region you will find a variant of different wines ranging from mild to sweet made from a multitude of different grapes. Ideal for those looking to try something new during their travels, who knows you may even find a wine that you want to bring home with you.


One of the most popular sports in Luxembourg, cycling is something that is very near and dear to all that live there. Not only is this an efficient way to get around the city but it is also a way of keeping fit and seeing the country from an entirely whole different perspective. Whether you decide to cycle along a mountain trail or you decide to explore the side streets there is plenty for you to discover whether cycling alone or with family.

With 127 cycle tours around the country, you are definitely spoilt for choice whether you decide to head to one of the 22 mountain bike trails or you decide to venture onto one of the 25 road bike trails, you can have a fully immersive and customisable experience, with no trail being the same.

Walk the Mullerthal Trail

The leading hiking trail in the heart of Luxembourg, the Mullerthal Trail comes in three different routes. With each of the routes showcasing different elements of the country including unique rock formations, forests and romantic castles, you can have a different experience every time.

Why visit Luxembourg?

Although there are many reasons to visit this iconic country, there are some that stand out above the rest, whether you are travelling for a weekend or you intending on staying for a week or two there is plenty that you can do to make the most out of your trip


As with most locations when travelling abroad, the food is second to none and Luxembourg is no different.  With a wide range of authentic recipes to choose from such as Hiecht mat Kraiderzooss (pike in a herb sauce) as well as Bouneschlupp (green bean soup with potatoes, bacon and onions) there are plenty of brand new foods for you to discover and tastes for you to enjoy.

With plenty of authentic restaurants scattered around the city as well as the surrounding area, you can be sure that you will find the perfect food to help you recover from a busy day of exploring.

The Architecture

Amazing architecture in the heart of Luxembourg

In the country of Luxembourg, there are many amazing landmarks that are at the very height of the architecture in Luxembourg with buildings dating back from multiple different time periods.

There is plenty to see and for the photography enthusiasts amongst you, there are plenty of elements for you to snap away and post to your Instagram making this an awesome place to visit, and with the city looking completely different throughout every season it will be different every single time.

With all this being said, we hope that this guide has helped you to make a decision as to whether or not Luxembourg is the holiday destination for you and if so, has helped you pick your ultimate holiday itinerary. So all that is left to do is renew your EHIC card and hop on the next flight to Luxembourg. Enjoy!


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