Keeping yourself and your stuff safe on a European holiday

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Holidays in Europe are a fantastic and cost-effective way to enjoy more sun, fun and travel, but you need to take steps to keep yourself safe when you are travelling abroad. Minor problems are more likely to occur when you are away from home and the consequences can be far greater too. Here we explore the things you should consider to keep yourself and your stuff safe when travelling in Europe.

Medical cover

When travelling in Europe you are entitled to free healthcare, but only when you are carrying your European health insurance card. It is vital that you ensure your E111 is in date and is with you at all times. This will help you out if you catch food poisoning from some dodgy seafood or need medical attention for any reason.


When you can insure yourself for as little as £16 or less, it’s a no-brainer to do so. Insurance could save you from bills running into thousands of pounds. Travelling without insurance is foolish and should never be done.

Watch your pockets

Pickpockets are common in Europe and they regularly target tourists who are likely to carry large amounts of cash. Only carrying what you need for the day will enable you to keep yourself safe from major loss and you should protect your pockets at all times. Be particularly aware in busy places like train stations.

Warn your bank

Your bank is likely to block your transactions while you are abroad if you do not forewarn them. Aside from being embarrassing, this can put you in a sticky situation if you are left unable to pay for your food and drink. Plan ahead and tell your bank you are going away – many have a simple online facility you can do this through.

Protect your passport

If there’s one thing other than your body that you need to protect while you’re away on a holiday in Europe, it’s your passport. Put your passport in the hotel safe and keep it locked away. You should always carry another form of ID so that you can buy drinks and should not use your passport while on holiday. Keep it locked away to ensure that you can make it back home.

Find out more and renew your E111 card here before you travel.

Photo: Leaving Luxembourg - 2010-06-12 by 4nitsirk licensed under Creative commons 2