Italy’s 4 most beautiful islands

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Italy has it all – an amazing history, stunning architecture, world-famous sights, delicious food and amazing beaches. The Italian islands give us seductive cuisine, glamour and uniquely beautiful landscapes. Italy has over 450 islands small and large, including lake, sea and river islands. To help you decide on which ones to discover first, here are our top 4 most beautiful islands in Italy.

1. Sardinia

Sardinia is simply a little slice of heaven. With its long white sand beaches combined with clear crystal blue waters, it’s a dream for anyone wishing to escape to the sea. Sardinia enjoys long summers, but even if you’re seeking some sun before and after summer, you’ll still be greeted with warm weather throughout April to late October. Sardinia also offers much more than just lazing on the beach, you’ll have the opportunity to visit some of the island’s natural wonders such as the Maddalena Archipelago and Neptune’s grotto.

2. Sicily

Sicily is a unique combination of stunning landscapes, a fascinating history, Italian style and chilled Mediterranean charisma. The coastline of Sicily is dotted with volcanic rock formation, secluded coves and beautiful pebble and sand beaches. The inland of Sicily is just as beautiful as the coast with its scenic meadows and the alluring Mount Etna. Visit the Valley of the Temples and indulge in a wine-tasting tour, where you’ll get lost in the charm of Sicily.

3. Ischia

This beautiful Italian island was once a volcanic origin and is now a haven for budding hikers, adventurers, and beach lovers. It boasts beautiful landscapes along with thermal springs and famous fumaroles. Hike your way up Mount Epomeo or get amazing pictures at La Mortella, and for a snap shot of history, you should visit Aragonese castle.

4. Capri

Capri is known as a luxury jewel in the heart of the Mediterranean. Oozing Italian glamour, its scented blooms and beautiful cliffs create an allure that will leave you wanting more. It’s the ultimate place to experience luxury and class whilst sipping on classic cocktails and dining on fine Italian cuisine.

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Photo: Sicily by scotbot licensed under Creative commons 2