It could save a lot more than just your peace of mind


We travel to relax, right? And that’s all the more reason to make sure that we really can let go of our cares, and make the most of that much-needed break.

None of us want to think something could go wrong on a holiday, so every sensible person gives a few minutes of thought to any specific needs they might have while they’re away. That could simply mean extra painkillers (in much of Europe they’re far more expensive than in the UK), or a spare pair of glasses. Nobody who needs a particular prescription drug would dream of going on holiday without taking an ample supply. If a child needs an inhaler, it – and probably a spare – goes into the suitcase well before you leave.

But what about unforeseen problems?

Nobody wants to cast a pall over that beach holiday or city break before they’ve even reached the airport, but things can – and do – go wrong. One of the most common sources of potential problems comes from something we all have to do several times a day, even when abroad: eating.

EU statistics show that serious food-related sicknesses – often caught from insufficiently cooked meat – affect over a million people in Europe every year. Listeria infects many thousands in the EU, and can be caught from contaminated raw vegetables or soft cheeses, as well as processed meats and smoked fish.

There are also certain infectious diseases that we may come into contact with abroad – even a nasty case of flu may end up with a trip to a doctor.

Several large Europeans countries have surprisingly high road accident rates compared with the UK – and remember, accidents are most likely to involve minor, non-fatal injuries that frequently require medical treatment.

And finally, there are those minor accidents that can happen to any of us – slips, twists, lower back problems, minor breakages – the list goes on.

European Health Insurance Card – peace of mind for the whole family

We really hope none of this happens to you on your holiday. But if it did, wouldn’t you kick yourself if you’d forgotten your European Health Insurance Card? Your EHIC gives you the right to state-funded medical care in most countries, so that on presenting your card you’ll receive treatment without any concerns over the cost.

Apply for your EHIC now – it’s easy, and it could save a lot more than just your peace of mind.

Photo: Ambulance in Motion by Benjamin Ellis licensed under Creative commons 2