How travelling enhances your life

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Travelling offers much to anyone who is prepared to push back the boundaries and to take any opportunity to escape from the stresses and strains of daily life. It’s so easy to travel throughout Europe these days so, if wanderlust calls, it’s even possible to plan a series of long weekend getaways and refresh mind, body and soul in the process.

It is always sensible to plan and prepare meticulously for any trip, even if only away for a few days. Keep safety in mind and never take risks. Top of the list must be to carry your European health insurance card (EHIC) as this will cover you in respect of health emergencies. If you are not sure of the benefits, check out all of the information in the FAQ section.

In the main, the benefits gained through travelling far outweigh any negative elements and include:


When you travel to new locations, your perception changes. You see life through new eyes and gain a new understanding into other cultures. In turn, you’ll see your own life with renewed wisdom.


You learn to live in the moment and to value and appreciate every new experience, whether it is attending local festivities or sitting on a beach and watching a glorious sunset. These experiences shape how you think and feel going forward and you carry these internal messages with you wherever you go.


Even the best laid travel plans can go wrong. But when you travel regularly, you must learn to let go of any stresses and strains and just go with the flow. Different cultures have a different speed of life. It is easy to see that some countries operate at a sedate pace and so while there, do the same. When you take a flexible approach, you will find new ways of coping and communicating and you’ll laugh at any mistakes, often forging greater connections with others.

Open your mind

Travel opens your mind. You’ll see the richness of colours, the vibrancy of new people and places, you’ll view a culture as if under a microscope and you’ll develop learning beyond anything available in a text book. Travelling enables you to embrace life and create wonderful memories and stories to enrich the lives of others.

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