How much does treatment in Europe cost?


Your EHIC is worth its weight in gold, and those of you who’ve already got one undoubtedly know about the benefits that this little plastic card can bring you when you’re travelling in Europe. In fact, since you’re reading this, you’ve probably already done the smart thing and got your EHIC application in here today.

The strange thing is that there are people who have never even heard of a European Health Insurance Card – 13% of Brits, in fact. 9% of EHIC applicants go on to make use of their EHIC card to get treatment in a state funded clinic within Europe. Have you ever wondered what sort of bill might land on your doorstep if you didn’t have an EHIC with you on your travels? Here’s a quick price list for some common treatments you might need when you’re travelling in Europe. Prepare to love your EHIC just a little bit more…


If something goes wrong on your Spanish holiday, and you need to spend a single night on a ward in a Spanish hospital, you’ll be looking at a bill of £800.

Trip or fall in Spain and break a bone, and the Spanish doctors will be asking you to pay £4,911 for helping you on your way to recovery.


Loved by young travellers looking for a good time, and older travellers looking for a spot of sunshine, if you break an ankle on the dance floor, your treatment will cost £7,000.


This is a pretty drastic example, but if you’re hit by a car while holidaying in Greece, and suffer multiple injuries, you’ll be looking at a grand total of £21,000 for your hospital stay.


If an ear infection troubles you whilst in Portugal, and you need to seek a hospital physician, it will cost you £5,911.

South Cyprus (North Cyprus is not part of the EHIC agreement)

Upset stomach in Cyprus? If you require hospitalisation for treatment such as rehydration and medication, expect to see your bill comes to £5,244.

Now you know how much it really costs to visit a hospital, aren’t you pleased that you’ve got your EHIC sorted out?

Photo: Euro by Janitors licensed under Creative commons 2