How can I change the address on my EHIC?

It’s simple to update any of the details on your EHIC card online. To renew your European health card information, login to the system by proving your details such as your EHIC PIN identifying number. This starts with the letters ‘UK’ and is found on the same line as your date of birth. Entering your PIN should let you access the system and update your old address to the new one. Your updated card will then be sent through to your new address and the new address will be stored on the system for future updates. Make sure you put the correct address, otherwise you may accidentally get your EHIC delivered to an old address when you next renew your card.

EHIC cards remain valid up to five years after they are issued. The system will retain your European Health Insurance Card details up to two years after your EHIC card has expired. Once these two years have passed, your details such as your PIN will no longer be retained so you’ll need to apply for a new card. In this case, just enter your new address into the system when you apply.

Renewing EHIC address details for family members

Anyone under 16 needs to obtain an EHIC card by being listed as the dependant of an adult. To obtain an EHIC card for anyone under 16, list them as a dependant in the relevant section of the application. They will then receive their own EHIC card in the post. The adult will also need to update any of the dependant’s details via their own EHIC application if they need to make changes in the future.

To change any of the details of a dependant listed on your application, log into the system using your own PIN. You’ll have to enter the details of all the dependants listed on that application – even if you aren’t changing the details for all of the dependants you have listed. Don’t worry if not all of the dependants live at the same address – the address details will only be updated for the dependants you specify.

Update your EHIC details

The EHIC card is an important and useful piece of information that can save you a lot of trouble and money when overseas. It may also be necessary to have your EHIC up-to-date in order to make claims on your travel insurance. For this reason, it’s important to keep the details updated for your own EHIC card and for any under 16 year olds who you have applied for. You also need to update your EHIC card if your name changes, such as following marriage.

Remember to carry your EHIC card with you at all times while in Europe as you will be required to present it at the point of accessing care. It’s very simple to update your EHIC details and renew the card, just be sure to do so in plenty of time for your trip to Europe. Updated cards taken up to 10 working days to arrive by post to UK addresses.

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