Our Guide To Road Tripping Across Europe

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Booking flights and luxury accommodation is standard for many people looking to go abroad, however the thrill-seekers amongst us will be much more comfortable embarking on a road trip around their favourite country. To go that one step further though, why not road trip across the entirety of Europe? It might seem like a difficult objective to achieve, however with determination and appropriate planning, your trip is guaranteed to be a success. With your driving documents, European Health Card and luggage in order, these are our top tips for road tripping across Europe.

The Right Time To Go

While some European countries are renowned for warm weather almost all year round, others are not so lucky. This alone can make planning a road trip across Europe a difficult one, however it is possible with the right timing. Naturally, travelling in summer gives you a higher chance of hitting the sunnier weather, however it also means busier resorts, more traffic and extra costs, such as any accommodation you decide to book and extra travel time, which can hinder your plans to road trip across the entire continent.

Alternatively, you could decide to travel in the winter months of November to April, as even though you’ll have colder weather, your vehicle will have heating to keep you warm. Despite this, several beaches, resorts and attractions will be closed during these months, so once again, you’ll need to find other activities that you’re willing to participate in to ensure your road trip is a success.

Finding The Right Car

There are 50 countries in total in Europe, giving you a lot of surface area to cover. As a result, you’ll want to find a car that’s capable of transporting you across the continent, with enough room for your luggage as well as room to sleep if you haven’t booked accommodation in every country. Before taking your car on your road trip, take some time to get used to the engine and the controls first. Furthermore, you’ll need to bear in mind that not every European country drives on the same side of the road, so keep this in mind when selecting your car rental.

Moreover, you’ll want to ensure that you have the appropriate electronic facilities in your car. Phones and satnavs are essential for your road trip, so always have an adapter to hand so that you can charge both appliances while on the go.

Where To Sleep

If you haven’t booked accommodation for every single country that you visit, you’ll have to spend some time sleeping in your car. Once you’ve decided upon a spacious car, you’ll then have to find places where you feel safe sleeping in it. Initially, sleeping in your car can feel slightly unnerving, however you’d be surprised at how many people do when road tripping across the globe. Blending into residential areas is a great way to feel safe against any thieves or criminals. Having said that, it’s imperative that there are no parking restrictions, otherwise your European road trip might be cut short. Alternatively, parking under a street lamp is a great way to deter thieves as well, just ensure you have a sleeping mask or something similar to hand to prevent the light from keeping you awake.

There are several considerations that you should make before road tripping across Europe – these are just a few. We promise that your experience will be an unforgettable one thanks to the diversity of every single European country, allowing you to see things from a different perspective. From stunning landscapes to inspiring locals, this trip will be the best yet!