Our Guide To The Perfect European Cruise

Cruise ship travelling as the sun sets


Booking your perfect cruise can take time, not only do you have to renew your EHIC card and ensure that your passport is up to date, but finding the right accommodation and suitable flights can also a challenge. However, we are going to give you a guide to finding your perfect European cruise, so you can reduce this stress and look forward to your holiday.


When planning your dream European cruise, destination is everything. There are a number of companies running cruises to a whole number of amazing European locations, so the choice is completely up to you. With popular destinations such as Greece and Germany, which one will you choose?.  With a wide range of companies such as Princess Cruises and P&O providing excellent cruise holidays around Europe at affordable prices, you will find yourself completely spoilt for choice. Gravitate towards destinations that you and those who you travelled with will enjoy and have always wanted to visit. This way you can be sure to get the most out of your cruise holiday.


So, in order to ensure that you have found the ideal European cruise for both your budget and interests, we suggest that you do plenty of research.  With there being a number of fantastic deals available online and through other services that you may otherwise miss out on, spend your time choosing the right cruise for you.

Before you begin your research, have an idea as to what you want to get out of the holiday. If you are travelling with young children you need to make sure that there is suitable entertainment for both them and you. Alternatively, if you are planning on going on a cruise holiday with a group of friends, you will want to ensure that there are plenty of bars and things to do that you know you will enjoy.

Therefore, throughout your research pinpoint exactly what you are looking for, which in turn will speed up your search.


By looking online for your ideal European cruise holiday you may also find yourself a wide range of different costs that will help you to save money. It is important to not only look at the upfront costs, but also look at what is included in any deals. From this, you can then budget for additional extras that aren’t  included as you will already know what your chosen package entails. Always read the fine print, just in case you miss a clause that could cost you additional money further down the line.

What Should You Pack?

If you have never been on a cruise then you may be unsure as to what to pack. There are, of course, a number of essentials such as your passport, EHIC and required documentation that needs to be packed, including your swimsuit, suitable clothing for activities during the day and evening and your all-important phone charger!

When you book your cruise, take a look at the activities they offer and the destinations they will be stopping at, as this will you help you to determine what you need to pack. We do hope that this guide has assisted you in finding and preparing for your perfect European cruise and you now know how to reduce the stress when planning your holiday. Enjoy!