Great gadgets for your holiday


Gadgets are the Marmite of the world – you either love them or hate them. No matter which camp you fall in to, you can’t deny that a few gadgets can make your holiday a little bit easier. Of course, the ultimate holiday accessory is the EHIC card, so once you’ve got that, why not check out our list of gadgets which will make your holiday go just a little more smoothly?

Mobile phone

It’s getting cheaper to use your phone abroad, and with many hotels offering free Wi-Fi internet access for guests, you can stay in touch for much less than you think. Surf the web, check your Instagram or send a text to let everyone know you’ve arrived safely with your UK mobile phone. Before you leave, have a chat with your network provider to make sure that roaming is turned on. Many of them offer deals or bundles which make using your phone abroad even cheaper.


Whether you like your Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface or one of the many Android based tablet offerings, a tablet is a real multi-functional device. Plug the kids into it to watch their favourite movies, use it to upload your holiday snaps to Facebook, or to look up local information. If you’re in need of healthcare, your tablet can also provide you with information on where to get help – and with the right app, translate foreign texts.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones

Perfect for listening to your tunes without a tangle of cables or carry case of connectors, Bluetooth headphones can be paired with your MP3 player or phone, allowing you to listen to your music while you relax on the beach or patio of your holiday home. Walk around without carrying your device with you. You can get in-ear or on-ear varieties, whichever suits you best.

International plug converter

With the UK’s plug not in use across Europe, you’ll need something to help you plug in your chargers and gadgets to get them powered up each day. The voltage is different across Europe, so make sure your converter can cope with that.

Now you’re ready to go with your gadgets, grab your EHIC and head for the European hills, safe in the knowledge that your EHIC will get you healthcare at a free or reduced cost.

Photo: Making Memories by Prayitno / Thank you for (9 millions +) views licensed under Creative commons 2