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Finland has the lowest average temperature of all the countries we’ve provided a guide for, but that doesn’t mean it should be low on your list. In fact, Finland has so many great activities and attractions that it has the potential to trump any hot holiday destination in Europe. To find out what these activities and attractions are, read our guide to Finland. Remember whenever travelling to Europe that you should have a renewed Euro Health Insurance Card (EHIC) on your person.

Why Visit Finland?        


Finland’s vibrant capital of Helsinki serves as the perfect first destination on our tour around the Baltic country.

Once named the ”Design Capital of the World”, this capital is an urban paradise, with an array of intriguing and innovative architecture, the design district has over 200 destinations spots, including lavish fashion stores, antique dealers and art galleries.

Helsinki also has a number of eateries where you can try traditional Finnish cuisine like Kaalikääryleet,  a dish comprised of cooked cabbage leaves wrapped around a meat filling.

Kakslautten Arctic Resort

A luxury resort destination located in Finland’s stark wilderness, Kakslautten is the perfect excursion if you want to experience the Arctic in luxury.

First founded in 1973, the artic resort includes an array of unique accommodations options for you to choose from, including cosy log cabins, and ice hotel rooms.

Our personal favourite is the glass igloos, a fully transparent dome, which lets you look directly into the cold artic sky surrounded by nature, from the luxury of a warm and opulent dome.

Ride A Reindeer Or A Husky

Do you want to travel through the arctic wilderness with the help of some furry friends, opposed to trudging through the snow yourself?

Well, Lapland’s the destination for you, with husky and reindeer ride available from October right through to early summer.

Husky rides can last from a little over 10 minutes, to entire day excursions. Reindeer rides are typically shorter and more suited for children looking to ride the same animal that pulls Santa’s famous sleigh.

Kummakivi Balancing Rock

Kummakivi is Finnish for ‘strange rock’ and that’s exactly what you’ll find in the middle of the Ruokolahti forest. One rock precariously balancing on another, the landmark has had passers-by perplexed since its discovery over 8000 years ago.

Believed by geologists to have been caused a melting glacier, local myth dictates that they were actually placed there by giants. Whether you believe the fantastical or more scientific explanation, the structure provides a unique photo opportunity.

Kemi Snow Castle

The Kemi Snow Castle was first created over 20 years ago as a gift from UNICEF and is constructed entirely from; yes you guessed it- snow.

Reconstructed throughout the year after melting in spring and summer, the main components of the castle are consistent each winter, however, depending on snowfall, the structure can vary in size anywhere between 13,000-20,000 square metres.

Inside, you can enjoy lunch or dinner at the SnowRestaurant, have a guided tour of the snowy premises and even participate in an ice carving workshop.


The official Guinness World Record holder for being the smallest restaurant in the world, Kuappi can only fit a total of two guests.

Consisting of only a kitchen, a table, two chairs and a bathroom, the restaurant’s dining room takes up less than half of the cabin’s entire 8 square metre area.

As you can imagine, due to the restaurant’s incredibly limited space, you’ll need to reserve the table well in advance.

Explore Olavinlinna

The most northern medieval stone fortress still standing, the Olavinlinna castle in Savonlinna dates all the way back to the 15th century.

Complete with three separate towers, the castle sits upon a rock in the centre of a beautiful lake. It was built there for the purpose of protection from enemies and is only accessible via a series of bridges.

Hour-long guided tours are available and will take you through the ornate towers, educating you on the abundance of interesting history that has occurred there.

Ski In Levi

Levi is Finland’s most popular ski resort and also hosts the annual Alpine World Cup Race.

With 43 different slopes as well as 26 ski lifts, the resort is more than capable of catering for a number of differing skiing abilities, so don’t be put off visiting if you’re not a confident skier.

The resort also has 124 miles of trails, which includes off-piste country sections, as well as black runs and a dedicated snowboard park.

There is also a range of activities to enjoy away from the slopes, including a reindeer park, husky sledge rides and a number of bars and restaurants.

Helsinki Zoo

Having first opened its doors in 1889, the Helsinki Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world.

With an impressive 150 different species of animal, as well as 1000 different types of flowers, the island which the zoo is located on spans for more than 50 acres.

The zoo is separated into three sections, Amazonia, Africasia and Borealia, and is the home to camels, bears, wolverines, monkeys, lions, wolves, reindeers, elks, and bison.

Archipelago National Park

An extensive group of islands, the Archipelago national park covers 500 square kilometres of land and is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to source some of Finland’s finest sights.

With rugged rocky islets, forested islands and an abundance of flora to observe, it’s one of Finland’s most picturesque attractions.

Once you’ve arrived at the Archipelago National Park, you can also partake in a number of enjoyable activities including sailing, canoeing and fishing.

The national park, however, is only accessible by water, so thorough planning is required if you wish to visit the remote collection of islands.

Things To Consider:

Public Transport

The public transport system in Finland is very reliable. With the majority of services, whether that be, tram, train or bus being very efficient, safe and punctual.

If you intend on staying in the country for a substantial amount of time, you may want to purchase a season ticket or connection pass, both of which will help to reduce each fare’s cost.

Additionally, every taxi you find in Finland will be government regulated, so they will charge a similar price for journeys.


Matching the nation’s unique landscape, Finland also has an array of aptly unique accommodation for you to stay in as well.

These diverse locations include snow hotels, igloos, remote cabins and of course, the Helsinki boutique and design hotels.

We hope you’ve found our country guide informative and you’ll now consider Finland for your next trip, once you’ve renewed your EHIC.

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