Exploring picture perfect Pisa

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Italy is one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations with a number of cities and islands to choose from. Whether you’re looking to tour the country or enjoy just one particular location, then consider picture perfect Pisa. Famous for its leaning tower and the wonderful photo opportunities it offers, there’s so much more to this Italian city. Here are four ‘must-sees’, other than the iconic leaning tower, that you can enjoy if you visit Pisa.

1. Duomo of Santa Maria dell’Assunta

Located right beside the tower, this stunning cathedral can’t be missed. Made entirely of white marble, this magnificent building is a stunning example of Roman-Pisan Gothic architecture. The stark contrast of the white building against clear blue skies is a site to behold.

2. Graffiti by Keith Haring

Pisa is home to an impressive mural by American artist Keith Haring. His street art represents peace and harmony and depicts human style figures in various colours and positions. The perfect backdrop for holiday photographs and completely inspiring, it’s definitely worth a visit.

3. The University of Pisa

One of the oldest and most respected universities in Italy, the University of Pisa is not only fascinating but beautiful too. Founded in 1343 it is certainly a huge part of history, not least because it was attended by Galileo, who later became a professor of mathematics there as well.

4. The Arno River

Running through the Tuscany region of Italy, the river Arno flows through Pisa, shaping beautiful streets lined with colourful buildings. Every year on June 16th a celebration takes place to celebrate Pisa’s patron saint, San Ranieri. Candles shine from the windows of the buildings alongside the river and some are floated down the river itself. An awe-inspiring site.

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Photo: The Leaning Tower of Pisa by McPig licensed under Creative commons 2