Europe’s Most Romantic Locations For You And Your Significant Other

Side street in Venice with bridge

Europe is home to a number of beautiful locations that are a must visit, including an abundance of incredibly romantic locations for you and your significant other. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought we would compile a list of the most romantic destinations in Europe, so all you have to do is renew your EHIC card, hop on the next flight and surprise your loved one.

Paris – France

Otherwise known as the city of love, Paris is one of the most romantic locations in Europe and this list wouldn’t be complete without it. With cobbled streets and glimmering lights from the Eiffel Tower,  this perfect city boasts romance. Whether you decide to take a walk along the Seine or wine and dine in some of the best restaurants you won’t want to step out of this romantic fairytale with your other half.

Venice – Italy

Renowned for its breathtaking architecture that dates back centuries, Venice is another romantic location that has earned its rightful place on this list. With canals that intertwine through the houses and buildings, you can take a romantic trip in your own gondola and stop at one of the many restaurants that are renowned for their exquisite food. If you want to delve into some Italian culture, there are a number of locations that you can visit, such as the Basilica Di San Marco and Tintoretto’s Heaven On Earth, which showcase the best of Italian decadence.

Barcelona – Spain

If a trip to Italy or France doesn’t take your fancy then the option of a vibrant Spanish city might. With an abundance of bars and restaurants playing traditional music, as well as some of the most beautiful architecture around, this colourful city is an exciting place to visit. Whether you decide to venture out on a Barcelona Bus Tour or explore the glorious city on foot, you will be spoilt with some of the best views when visiting here. After a long day sightseeing, why not watch the sunset over the city at one of the many popular rooftop bars, allowing you to share a quiet moment with your other half after spending the day in this bustling city.


Home to the world-renowned Tunnel Of Love, Ukraine is one of the more unusual destinations on this list. However, this country has some of the most romantic locations, including the Synevyr Lake and the Tunnel Of Love along the abandoned railway in the western part of the country. This monument is a popular spot with both locals and tourists, and you can always see a number of couples venture there to take images together and take a stroll along the tracks. Although this is still a functioning railroad surrounded by green arches, it is perfectly safe for people to visit.

Regardless of the European location that you decide to visit with your significant other, you are spoilt for choice with some of the most beautiful spots on the face of the earth. Where will you travel to?