European James Bond Locations

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James Bond has graced our cinema screens for over 50 years in 24 movies and in that time the character has jet-setted all over the world. So it stands to a reason that there a number of European locations that have featured in the iconic film franchise. Here, we take a look at some of the top locations that are open to the public and you might want to visit on your next European holiday. If any of these locations whet your appetite, make sure your European Health Insurance Card is up to date before you book any travel tickets or accommodation.

Holy Trinity Monastery

Situated in the Peneas Valley in central Greece, the Eastern Orthodox monastery is located at the top of a rocky precipice, over 400 metres high. It is one of 24 monasteries that were originally built at Meteora, the Greek term for ‘suspended in the air’. Six of these 24 monasteries are still active and open to the public. Bond fans will recognise the monastery from the fifth Roger Moore film ‘For Your Eyes Only’, where it was used in the climax where Bond ascends to the cliff top for a showdown with villains Aristotle Kristatos and Erich Kriegler and to retrieve the ATAC decoder.

Piz Gloria

The ultimate treat for all Bond fans, Piz Gloria is the mountaintop resort in George Lazenby’s sole Bond appearance ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’. Reachable by a 30 minute cable car trip to the summit of the Schillthorn where there is the 007 walk of fame with impressions, photos, signatures and handprints from the stars of the film. There is also Bond World 007 with a tour of the location including a look at the original screenplay. Then there’s Personal Bond Minutes that include Bond throwing his hat onto the hook in Moneypenny’s office, the exhilarating bobsleigh race and a helicopter simulator in the original chassis of the Air Glaciers Alouette III. Finally you can enjoy a meal in the 360° rotating restaurant that takes 45 minutes to complete a full rotation where it glides past more than 200 mountain peaks.

Basilica Cistern

The largest of several hundred ancient cisterns that lie beneath the heart of Istanbul, the Basilica was built between the 3rd and 4th centuries during the early Roman Age and then reconstructed after a fire in 476. According to ancient texts, the Basilica contained gardens and was surrounded by a colonnade that faced the Hagia Sophia. The cistern was famously used in the iconic ‘From Russia With Love’ where is referred to as being constructed by the Emporer Constanie and located under the Soviet consulate. Whereas it’s real location is a considerable distance from the former Soviet consulate.