Do I really need a European Health Insurance Card?


Going on holiday is exciting for everyone: a chance to get away, experience new cultures, get a little sun and relax and unwind. Whether you’re off on a short city break with your partner or taking the kids to the beach, you should be able to relax in the knowledge that everything is covered. No one ever wants to think that their holiday could go wrong and someone could get hurt, but it’s always best to be prepared, which is why many of us pack extra painkillers, stomach settlers and plasters just in case. But one thing many people forget is their European Health Insurance Card.

Why should I carry a health card?

In the UK we’re extremely lucky to not have to pay for our medical care. If we get sick or hurt, we simply take ourselves off to the doctors without a second thought. While no one wants to think about anything but enjoying their holiday, soaking up the sun and experiencing all the trip has to offer, we’ve all heard of people getting sick or stung by unusual insects whilst on holiday. If this happens to you, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your holiday or your spending money. Just show your EHIC card whenever you need health care and receive basic state provided care without worrying over the cost. It’s valid in more countries than you would expect and at the same size as a credit card, it slots easily it into your purse or wallet.

The EHIC application is quick and easy

If you don’t already have one, your EHIC application is the difference between a happy holiday and returning home with medical bills. Plus, with, the application process is easier than ever.

We know that many people enjoy holidays without incident, but wouldn’t you be frustrated if something did happen and you knew you could receive your care without the cost? Much like travel insurance and ATOL protection, it’s not compulsory but it is the sensible option.

Photo: Day 103- What to Get.... by Jinx! licensed under Creative commons 2