Czech Republic Country Guide – European Health Insurance Card

Multiple bridges over the main river in the Czech Republic

Want to travel but not sure where to go now that you’ve renewed your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)? Well, we’re sure that the Czech Republic could well fulfil your culinary, cultural and adventurous appetites. Find out more in our comprehensive guide to the Czech Republic.

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The Best Beer In The World

The Czech population consumes more beer per capita than any other country in the world – pretty impressive when you consider it only has 10.56 million inhabitants. We can hardly blame them though; the famed Pilsner-style lager is a signature of the region and was actually the world’s first blond lager ever produced.

With a number of hospadas (pubs) scattered around the country, we’re sure you’ll find one to hang your hat for a drink or two, but if you’re looking for recommendations, we’d suggest Zlý časy on the outskirts of Prague. The gastropub is known for its vast selection of Czech craft beers and offers some of the finest pub food in the capital.

The Wall Of Lennon

An amazing brightly coloured mural to the late John Lennon

Once an ordinary wall that resided in the Czech Republic capital of Prague, it became a monument to the famous musician, John Lennon after his tragic death in 1980. Plastered with graffiti tributes to the Beatles frontman, the wall features famous lyrics of his songs as well as numerous portraits of the deceased musician. It’s located in Mala Strana near the French Embassy and the perfect place to pay tribute to the lead singer of the fab four.

The Abundance Of Castles

The Czech Republic has the highest castle density in the world, with more than 2000 medieval castles currently found across the country. The most beautiful of which is the Karlštejn Castle. Originally built in 1365, it was established by the Czech king at the time and Roman ruler, Charles IV, as a perfect place to store holy relics and even the crown jewels.

Complete with beautifully furnished rooms, impressive architecture, and a number of intriguing chambers, not to mention that the castle also has replicas of the Czech Crown Jewels, it’s a true glimpse into the country’s great history.

The Oldest Clock In The World

The oldest clock in the world located in the Czech Republic

The building of the Prague Astronomical Clock was finally finished in 1410, officially making this extravagant wonder the oldest operational clock in the world. In 2018, the clock actually underwent some restorations and reconstructions, ensuring that it remains in the best possible condition for years to come.

The clock is special due to its series of special mechanisms and dials designed to display astronomical information, including the current positions of the sun, moon, other planets and zodiacal constellations.


The westernmost region of the Czech Republic, Bohemia is the home to one of Europe’s richest countrysides. With vast woodland, rolling hills and a thriving agriculture industry, Bohemia plays host to some of the most picturesque locations found in the entirety of the Czech Republic.

The lavish countryside is also said to be the home of the unconventional lifestyle of Bohemianism, a way of life that prioritizes artistic pursuits over monetary gain, so if you’re all about the flower power then Bohemia is certainly the place to visit.

The Prague Castle

The Prague Castle with an amazing red and orange sunset

The capital’s most notable landmark, Prague Castle, dominates the city’s skyline making it almost impossible to miss. Within its walls, you’ll find a collection of museums, galleries and some of the Czech Republic’s artistic and cultural treasures.

Certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s largest castle complex in the world at 570m long and an average of 128m wide, the treasures inside are so precious that you’ll need your passport to pass through security.

The Colours of Ostrava festival

The Colours of Ostrava is a rock, pop, indie and electronic music festival which takes place between the dates of 18th and 21st of July every year on the outskirts of the city of Ostrava.

It is the biggest multi-genre international music festival in the Czech Republic and actually won an award for as the ‘European Best Summer Music Festival’ in 2016. The festival is unique due it taking place in the old ironworks and mines of Dolní Vítkovice and has more than 200 bands perform every year.

The Apple Museum

This exhibition claims to have the world’s biggest private collection of Apple products with at least one of every product released between 1976 and 2012.

The museum also pays tribute to the revolutionary company’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs with portraits and quotes of the former CEO covering the walls. The museum is in the centre of Prague’s old town and is the ideal attraction for any tech enthusiast.

The Karlovy Vary Spa Town

In need of some much-deserved rest and recuperation? Well, the Karlovy Vary Spa is the perfect destination for you. The second most visited spot in the Czech Republic, the town is renowned for its West Bohemian Spa Triangle where some of the most exclusive spa treatment centres are located. Celebrities visit year in and year out to experience some of the most luxurious and decadent spa treatments available.

Český Krumlov

Known by many as a mini Prague, Český Krumlov is a small town in the south of Bohemia and was recently named a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

So small that you can walk from one side of the town to the other in just 20 minutes, it is bordered by the Vltava River. With a number of quaint bars and scenic riverside picnic spots, it serves as the perfect break from the big city.

Things to consider:


Tram around the centre of the Czech Republic

Fortunately, the Czech Republic has one of the most sophisticated public transport networks in the entirety of Europe, with both trains and buses being hugely reliable across the country, so it’s rare you’ll be stranded in any region.

What’s more, in Prague, the nation’s capital, you can use trams, buses, the metro, ferries and even cable cars to travel around the city.


When you arrive, you can choose from a wide selection of accommodation options including hotels, hostels, campsites and even small guest houses where families welcome travellers into their home for a short stay.

You could also opt for a recreational property, where you can rent an entire cottage or chalet for a week. For large groups or those wanting a taste of home comforts while they travel, this makes for an ideal option for all your holiday accommodation when travelling.

For any questions or queries about travelling with your EHIC card, feel free to take a look at our FAQs or simply renew your EHIC card ready for your unforgettable trip to the Czech Republic, today.

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